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 Ever notice when you go see a show, and it seems specific to bars and clubs, some people, a lot of people actually, who pay good money sometimes to go see someone perform, don’t stop talking one second through the whole show????

 The question I ask myself each time is:  why do they go see a show?

 The other thought that crosses my mind is how does the artist feel about this? 

 If I were singing or playing an instrument and all I could hear in the background was the sound of  people talking away, oblivious to not only Audiencethe artist but to anyone else who actually would like to hear the music, I think I would simply stop and leave.

 I find that when you are at a show, I’m not talking about a big show with a lot of special effects and lights and smoke and that type of thing, I mean a show in a club or bar, when you listen to the music with your eyes closed, probably because it eliminates a lot of distractions, you can penetrate the music and ride it like a wave.  It will carry you, elevate you, speak to you, enlighten you, soothe you, sway you.  That is what music does if you know how to listen.

 So these people who cannot keep their mouth shut, I don’t know why, could it be they are afraid to let go of their usual pastime, their usual distraction, their usual mode of entertainment?  Or is it perhaps that they are unable to turn the attention away from themselves for a moment and open up to something else?

 I read somewhere that a well-known singer Peggy Lee, when she first started her career,  used to sing in bars where people were drinking, laughing, talking loudly, paying absolutely no attention to the artist trying very hard to sing for them.

 So she began to sing lower and lower until you could hardly hear her.  And Disturbanceswhen they could no longer hear her, that’s when they started paying attention to her, actually listening to her, respecting her.  And that’s how she developed her style which she kept throughout her career.

 So, as Bob Marley says in one of his songs:  “Who the cap fits, let him wear it”.  Hopefully, we will all enjoy the next show we go to! 


How do you feel when you go to see a show and the people next to you talk loudly constantly, preventing you from enjoying it fully?  When you walk out of there, do you feel happy, relaxed?

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By Renée Lemieux on December 5th, 2009 at 9:55 am

I think it is rude and I also think that people who like noise (like the sound of their voice) are afraid of feeling themselves, they’re afraid of showing their emotions because they think they’ll get hurt in the process. So they speak loud not to hear those emotions. I once went to The Phantom of the Opera with my daughter and two younger girls were sitting next to us and were both eating a bag of chips and it got to a point where we couldn’t really focus on the play, so we told them off. But it spoiled our beautiful feelings, the moment was lost. I was really frustrated and wondered why did these girls were there in the first place, they were not listening. I cannot excuse this kind of behaviour, it’s downright disrespectful.


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