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Did you know that colour affects your mood, your energy, your general health?

In alternative medicine, you’ve read about colour therapy and it really works.  It even works on attitudes.  And if you just reflect for a moment, think of how you feel when you are wearing different colours, your attitude is different, your energy level changes, even your behaviour.

It applies as well for nutrition.  When you look at a plate and the colours of the food are attractive, you know, yellows, greens, oranges, reds etc.  you will automatically be drawn to it, contrary to a plate that has drab colours or lack of colour.  Your instincts know that that one is balanced and the other isn’t just by the colour.

Colours can affect your blood pressure, the quality of sleep.  You walk into a bright yellow room and immediately you feel uplifted, as if your eyes just opened.  If you then see something orange, with a bit of red as well, your mood is cheerful, light, happy, your energy goes right up, you feel alive.

You walk into another room that has greens or blues, you feel calm, relaxed, your blood pressure drops, you feel stress leaving your body, your mind.  Or earth colours, makes you feel connected.

Colour therapy has been used for centuries to cure all sorts of ailments.  Of course science bases it on fact that each colour produces its own unique wavelength of electromagnetic energy.  And it would be this energy that is absorbed into the body.   When this energy is absorbed into the body through the skin and eyes — and even when the colours are visualized in our brains — it can have a potent effect on our heart rate, blood pressure and metabolism according to colour therapists.

But without being a colour therapist, we all know this, different colours affect us in different ways.  Maybe it’s what we associate it with, you know like yellow reminds us of sunny summer days, red brings back memories of Christmas, green of long walks in the country.  It doesn’t matter, point is how colour affects us.

So my friends, in need of a lift?  Here’s a good recipe…

… next time you’re feeling down, paint a wall yellow, wear something orange,  pour yourself a red drink, put on some good music and turn up the volume, sway in your bright colours, express yourself through colours.  Let them make you feel energized, confident, creative.  Oh, I was forgetting… and kick your shoes off, paint your toenails and watch your feet dance!  Colour can be a powerful tool in transforming your life and I promise, you will find it delicious!


Which colour makes you feel your best?

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green is my favorite. It’s like a lung of every breath, hope of every step. It’s birth renewal of live It’s pure and vegenergical!!!


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Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours