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So happy to bring you chapter two of this very helpfull little book.  Enjoy!


Chapter 2:

You Must Be OK First


While this is rather self-evident, it is especially so in the spiritual realm. If we want to bring peace and joy to others, we must first own them ourselves; otherwise we’re not capable of giving or receiving with wholeness. Consequently, if your mission in life is to bring love to the world, make certain you have a sufficient supply!


Love Yourself

Before you are able to love others, you need a strong foundation of self love and self acceptance. When you have this firm foundation, you easily attract more love into your life.

Once you love & accept yourself you set firm boundaries; the actions and words you hold others to. You also raise your own standards which include the actions, words and ideas you hold yourself to. The higher level of boundaries and standards you have, the better quality of loving relationships you attract into your life.

Experience the Love

This week I want you to play with a couple of ideas.

1) 1st, listen to your thoughts about yourself. Merely notice what you say to yourself about yourself. Do this for the first two days this week. What portion is positive? What portion of your thoughts is negative? What portion is neutral?

2) Now I want you to bring up your standards regarding your views about yourself. I want you to only think thoughts about yourself that are categorically compassionate and positive for the rest of this week. If a negative thought sneaks in, approach it with lightness. Say to yourself something like; “Oh, thanks for sharing.” Then instantly convert that thought to something positive.

2) Observe how your mind/emotions/body/spirit feel as you get completely positive about yourself.

  3) Observe if you experience others differently or if they experience you differently.

There’s a statement once, a teaching, by a very special man – Life is suffering.

There’s no one who hasn’t suffered. A few are not aware of it; other people are intimately familiar with the pain in their heart. Other people seek – they look for more love, more income, more happiness, satisfaction.

And yet that’s only the beginning of his teaching. The remainder sends a message of hope – there’s a way out.

Please don’t think that because there’s pain in your heart, fear in your mind, that there’s something wrong with you. Everything I have determined over the past year points to one simple lesson: the most personal, the gloomiest and the most painful – is as well the most universal.

Please don’t be ashamed of your pain, or escape from it. Without it, you can’t grow. Hold it; look profoundly into it; love it like a mother comforting her howling baby. With understanding and compassion, you are able to start to heal your wounds, and the wounds of the world.

Those in pain can’t see themselves for what they are. They can’t discover the beauty and the strength they possess. It has been hidden in the haze, encompassed by the layers of false messages, overclouded by the pain.

 Several people speak of my courage in undertaking my particular journey. And yet what does my courage have to do with it? It’s your own courage that you see, that you’re responding to. There’s a basic premise in psychology, it’s simple: you see in others what is already in yourself.

Acknowledge that in yourself. Have respect for your courage. Think of it, always.

Remember, as well, to have compassion for yourself. Be easy, be gentle. You’re the first person who deserves it, regardless what you believe, regardless what you think you have done. So what if you’ve been hurtful, vindictive? You were hurtful because that’s all you had inside you. Begin to nourish yourself, fill yourself with love – later the hurtfulness and pettiness will disappear. What will spill over when you’ve replaced the hate with kindness? Love.


chapter 3 next week…

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