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Hello and welcome back after the Christmas holiday period.  Let us continue with the most helpful little book entitled: ROOT OF SUCCESS!

Chapter 7:

Conflict Resolution



Again, we need to keep our mind open to new and better ways of executing things. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting another result. Don’t be insane!

 Change It

You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that produced it. You can alter your thoughts and the best way to do that is to alter your attitude.

Do you have an attitude that truly wants to take responsibility and add kindness and positivity for anybody? With this radical attitude you’re able to truly “see”. You know that when other people treat you with rudeness, disrespect or hostility it comes from their pain and sadness; it isn’t any sort of truth about you. Let go of needing to level the score – leave that game and take them to another playing field. Never match like with like when addressing conflict; rise up to the next level and alter the energy of force with your power. Set results that bring you what you really desire.

Ask the question repeatedly “what do I want here?” If love, peace, discernment, respect, happiness, joy, fun, etc. are your true desires then you know that the old thinking doesn’t work and will never work.

Imagine that you already are the individual who can change this current situation, or, indeed, any other conflict situation you come across.

You bring your power posture with you – a frame of mind that’s fuelled by the power of love. This isn’t narrow, petty or romantic love – but the love that surpasses and sets no conditions. The same love that makes strong men handle babies softly and produces selfless behavior when calamity strikes. You can now bring your love, compassion and real wisdom – whatever the situation. 

Comprehend that this isn’t weakness – this is true transforming power. This is the technique of “win/win” rather than “lose/lose”.

You’ve used ego and logic to try to deal with and work out conflicts previously – they don’t work. Why? Because you come up against other egos, logics and “have to be corrects” and you get double or multiple forces clobbering one another into submission. Occasionally there’s even the illusion of winning but the truth is that all of the things you truly want are further away than ever.

Ego – the part of us that produces conflict and fear as it thinks it’s alone and unconnected from everybody else. It has to be correct. Our ego is our learned self – the one that flourishes on negatives, self bashing and reinforcing “me against the world.” It snipes at others and it lays into us also. It’s never at peace and always has a list of “things I must have before I can be happy.” It’s deceived and crazy and locked into more of the same. The more we can get aware of the ego’s effect the more we’re able to choose peace over pain.

Circle of Excellence – producing a state of might

Consider a time when you felt very loving, compassionate, and mighty and connected to your true wisdom. If you can’t consider a particular time then produce these feelings by thinking about individuals you love and value. Consider times when you knew that you were operating outside of petty ego and love was driving your actions and feelings. Consider children or stories with characters that inspire you. Whatever works!

So recall a time when you instinctively knew you were mighty (not forceful), but powerful.

Imagine that might comes from your heart and filling the whole of your being. Suppose it’s like a great wave; feel it, see it, hear it – let it easily wash over the little petty fires of hatred, fear, conflict and “I must be right”.

Notice how it changes your whole awareness and attitude. Construct this feeling within – see, hear and feel it – make it strong.

1. Imagine a circle on the floor, big enough to stand in. Put it in a specific location.

2. Stand outside the circle, look into the center and see, hear and feel yourself there with your “loving power” experience.

3. Allow yourself time to establish your state. Imagine these peak experiences and be there. See, hear and feel all of the experience. As you feel your state begin to peak step into the circle. Let the feeling occupy you.

4. As you stand in the circle step-up the effect by reliving memories of past “loving power” experiences. If you sense the feeling dropping step out of the circle directly. When you climb almost to the peak of this state within the circle – squeeze your finger and thumb together and say Zzzt! Then take it with you wherever you go.

 5. Outside the circle rapidly restore the full state of excellence and step back in.

6. Remain in the circle till you begin to feel your full strength state, fire your anchors just before peak, then step out and use it.

The circle is a place to feel – not question or study; it?s a right brain thing. Try envisaging your favorite role models, heroes etc. with you in the circle – and zoom the pictures into yourself. Experiment, fool around, build it and make it yours.


 To be continued next week…

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