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Willerm Delisfort is here to stamp his name into the books of history.  Till this day he endorses expressions of gratefulness for the knowledge that was passed down to him from all those who had a hand in setting him on the path that he is currently on.  It was with their patience and understanding which have taught him how to love his art for more than nickels and dimes, but as a message to the world.  He strives to amaze those around him with his simple yet multifaceted soulful ways of self expression, hoping that someday he will give his parents the honour of having a child that has had major influence in music today…

Willerm, it is an honour to have you participate in this project and to answer these questions for us:

1.    What is Music to you and for you?

             Music to me is the Universal language, in so many ways the oldest language known to man. I once had a friend tell me “You know what will, when words fail, music speaks”. Which was a saying I never understood until in 2007 when I went to play at the Lima Peru Jazz Festival and remember meeting a man by the name of Carlos playing a saxophone at the jam session. The only problem was we could not understand each other due to the language barrier between us. Nevertheless a blues in F was called as the tune we were going to play, and right after we all played the first note, there was a moment the whole band looked at each other and said “yeah”. It was then when I truly understood the meaning, “when words fail…Music speaks.” As for me, music is my source of expression. With it I can give testimonies of my life & adventure. When Life gets a bit too hard to take, it’s a great feeling to  know with a pen& paper  I can release my stress, passions, secrets for the world to hear, and then to have another person tell me, “I’m sorry”, “Congratulations”, “I’m proud of You”, etc…

 2. What Inspires You?WILLERM'S HANDS on PIANO

            LIFE. From the very 1st composition at 15, life has always been the biggest inspiration I’ve known. By life I mean, the daily task, challenge, people, emotions, work, school, gigs, women. Music is my very own personal journal, as life is the adventure that I reference. When I fell in love for the very 1st time, I remember a song shooting from my heart to head, and all I could think of is, “man need to write this down”. Some people see & hear music in colors, emotions that resonate in florescent light inside their head telling them how to express their feelings or what notes to write. I on the other hand feel them thru song. The greatest love of my life has been my family, they have shown me unconditional love from the very 1st day of my life, and when I think of them I hear a song sung in 5/4 CMaj AbMaj I DbMaj GbMaj II When I think of them women I can’t wait to spend my life with I hear 3/4 DbMaj I GbMaj I  Fm I Bb7 II  or when I think of the one that has betrayed me I hear  4/4  Fm11  I  Gb/F  I BMaj7 (#4)  I  Gb/F  II. Therefore whenever I search for inspiration for my music, or simply to express myself on a song, I think about the song I’m playing and use life as my story.

 3. When you are creating, Playing, where does it take you? I mean where does your mind travel?

              Hmm, how do I explain the ranges of thoughts. Whenever I’m playing I’m always trying to go for the message that I want to give, in addition to what is also being said on the band stand. Do I want to be in contrast of what is being said or do I go with the flow . I believe it’s  because of these options that I have, is why its constantly exciting whenever  I’m playing. Which is why  the blues is & will always be my favorite music to play, its universal. In my mind when I’m listening to recording like “Freddie Freeloader” from “Kind of Blue”, I can imagine the type of debate from Wynton Kelly all the way down to Cannonball. That is the type of debate I want to have every time I play the piano.

    4.     Do you think visual arts, music and health are related if so how?

         I believe they are. I see musicians such as Roy Haynes, Hank Jones, Jimmy Heath, Curtis Fuller and they are full of life. The older they got, the more they play, the younger they seem. It’s the modern day fountain of youth if you ask me. Thru history eyes we all know they’re a lot of artist out there who have lived life to the fullest, yet they are still with us when we all know we probably should have lost them in the 70’s or 80’s. Names I will not divulge, but I fear if they were to ever stop playing or performing their health would dissipate in order catch up with them. Not everyone in this world wakes up and enjoy their job, we do, therefore, I know it’s one of the leading reason why longevity is among entertainers.

  5.   How do you feel when you are playing (for yourself, not performing)?

Willerm Delisfort Delisfort-a      When I am playing for myself  or practicing, that’s when I am really trying to work on kinks of my playing. I’m doing a lot of Hanon exercises stretching my finger, and working really hard on technical deficiencies I feel that I have in my playing you know. Most of the time, it’s extremely fun, I continue to learn more and more  about my playing, my body and watches how its limits extends to a farther magnitude. That’s why Solo piano series or concerts are my favorite, it’s you and your instrument, no one else, it almost pushes you to see how far you can take yourself. I guess in so many ways it’s like falling in love with someone all over again everyday for 15yrs in a row. A powerful, but humbling experience I think. 
6.  When do you do your best work, day, night, alone, city, country, candlelight… what is your preferred moment and environment?

      I’m laughing on the inside because I get ridicule for being up so late every night, but it’s when I best work. Just me, my piano, a pencil, a paper, and I am the happiest person on earth I think. I think simply for the reason that all distractions, no matter how good the intent may be, they are not there to get in the way of the flow of creativity that may rush thru. I remember feeling that way when I lived with my parents, and brother. They mean the world to me, but getting up at 2am because an idea comes to mind it’s not the easiest thing to do. Lol I remember times I would try to sneak back in bed because my father woke up (4am) for work, and I am suppose to be asleep, but could not wait for 12:45pm which was jazz band time for me to explore the idea I had in mind. I would be in English class practicing on my desk different fingerings and idea on the desk so when I got on a piano I could be prepared. Hmm maybe if I would of paid more attention in class, would have probably got out with a better grade….Don’t know why now that came to mind….   

7.  Do you identify with your music and on what level?

      I identify with it completely, because it’s my testimony. It is my way of Willermdrawing my Timeline of Life, if that makes any sense. I see some songs I have wrote 5 years ago and think “wow, I can’t believe grew out of that, never thought I would”.   
8.  Does music help you connect with your “higher self” if you allow that expression? 

      Music helps me connect with myself, in a completely honest light. This is why I have such admiration for it, it forces the truth out of you. If you do not practices it shows it, if you care or not at the moment, it shows. It’s like Justice, it’s completely blind to prejudice and any other non sense. Therefore I guess in so many ways music helps me connect with my “higher self”, in a way where I must respect it at all time. Hmm I wonder if the world had something in its life to do the same where would we be as a specie? 

Willerm, what a great interview, it as been truly a pleasure doing this with you.  Until the next time, my friend, be blessed! (Official Website)

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Your love of music and commitment are an inspiration in themselves. Your music is wonderful and I look forward to hearing more of it. Thank you.


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours