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“I was born with a crayon in my hand which pretty much cemented my life’s calling.  I won my first award in third grade which help bolster my sense of aesthetics. As a single mom I have held various sundry jobs but somehow I always return to art as my main focus.  A little over three years ago I really began to stretch myself and began creating new techniques and a new style, which I find to be the most exciting and fun work I have ever done!”

September, welcome and thank you for participating in this project.  You are most generous in what you share with us today, truly, it is appreciated!

No. 1) What is art (painting) to and for you?

Painting is not only my creative outlet, but also my salvation!

I see paintings everywhere.  I meet people and want them to model for

me! I see scenes and capture them on my camera so I can paint them.

There is not enough time and life span for me to do all the paintings I have in my head!El Miro Cafe final

My passion for my art seems insatiable and so, I keep going!  Often times what lies between each painting, those new and amazing creative ahas, become the inspiration I take to the next piece.

No. 2) What inspires you?

Life, people, places, museums, nature.  Everything is an inspiration to me! And when my eyes are shut my imagination kicks in and inspires me to higher levels of creativity.

Feelings are wonderful inspirations. To capture a feeling within a painting and have this relayed to the viewer is the absolute thrill of the entire creative process.

No. 3) When you are painting, creating, where does it take you?

Where does your mind – spirit travel?

When I am in the “creative zone” I am just a conduit for the creative energy to come through me.  I have come to realize that true creativity does not derive from me but from

Divine Energy and if I simply stay out of the way – it flows! The results of my handing over the helm are prodigious beyond words and so much more than I could ever have done on my own.  When my mind steps in and the brain chatter takes over, the piece can tank right in front of my eyes.  It is then, when I catch it, I take a break, recharge and once again call in the creative energies and get back in the zone.  This creative zone is like no other place. It’s the ultimate feeling of connection to spirit and the entire universe.  It is an open eye meditation – a high beyond highs.  I get so excited as I see the piece unfolding I throw kisses at each stroke my brush renders to canvas and I always, always remember to send thanks back to this marvelous creative energy doing all the work!  I do, however, have to return from this fabulous place to clean up.  For some reason the creative energies don’t do this part of the work!!!

No. 4) Do you think visual art, music and health are related and if so, how do you see that?

Symphony _3.smallerI do believe everything in life is related and that we are all one and we are all the same energy.

I can’t imagine where we would be without music and I would never want to find out.

Even the sounds of birds singing makes me smile….music from the heavens.

I can’t imagine where we would be without art! Our walls would be empty.  Or dance!

Dancing frees the spirit and I enjoy taking time as I work at my easel to dance and shake my booty and keep the energy flowing throughout my body.  And it makes it that much more fun!  Of course this all helps you to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. What more could you ask for?

No. 5)  When you are painting, how do you feel?

When the painting is flowing and I am in the zone of creativity I feel a deep gratitude for this gift and energy and a deep connection with Divine Spirit. When I am in this place energy flow I am having FUN and this fun translates to deftly rendered strokes and a joy that exudes from the piece to the viewer. Because I do not start each painting exactly the same, nor do I execute each piece in the same style of rendering, all of my works are an adventure, and being an adventurous soul it is  always exciting to break out of the box and create something new!  When I feel my energies dissipating I take a break and re-charge.  I have learned if I don’t move away to recharge my energies the piece can tank in a matter of minutes.  This is never a good feeling for an artist. As with most artists I like some of my paintings more than others, but I do understand that each has its place in my repertoire of creations. 

No 6)  Do you identify with your subject and if so on what level?

I paint people and paintings with street scenes with people in them.  I have a series of women enjoying their libations and I certainly relate to these beautiful women on so many levels.  When I am fortunate to get photos to paint from city scenes I am drawn to certain people and many times follow them for a bit until I get the picture I want to paint.  I also have a musicCafe Series - Avis series and being a music lover, I can almost hear them playing as I render them in my work. When I paint my Ballet Series I can feel the dancers moving! They threw me out of tap dance, so having the honor to now paint ballerinas is always special.  My daughter took ballet, so I began painting dancers!

No.7)  Under what conditions or in what circumstances do you feel you do your best work?

I do my best work when I am doing a painting just for me; just because I want to paint this particular painting.  I seem to paint with more joy and a sense of abandonment when I am working on a piece that is solely for my own purposes and I have no concern for it selling.  Often these paintings are my best work.  When entering international and national competitions I like to paint a piece just for each particular exhibition as I feel the energy is transferred from this intention to the final piece and most often these paintings are accepted into the juried shows and win awards!  That is so rewarding!!

No. 8)  Does painting help you connect with your higher self.

 I am a very spiritual person and can’t imagine not being connected to Divine Energy.

I always take a few minutes before beginning to paint to call in creative energy and give thanks in advance for this privilege and ask that I be guided throughout the creative process.

No. 9)  Many people are under the impression that the school system kills creativity.  How do you feel about that?  And if you agree, what would you suggest as a simple solution?

I am fortunate to get to teach several programs with elementary school children in and out of the classrooms.  I believe in running a completely non-judgmental program where no one passes their opinion onto the child my mug for paint am smalleras they are creating.  “That’s good Johnny” can be a well meaning phrase from a teacher or parent but more than likely is heard by other children and they then wonder why didn’t someone say this to me.  If  Johnny’s is good what does that make mine? Or should I do like Johnny did?  By not giving a child your opinion you allow him/her to just create knowing that they will not be graded or judged.  This opens an arena for the child to be completely true to themselves.  My programs have proved over the years that children do best when they are given the support and confidence to excel as themselves.  I tell the kids before they start to create to believe in themselves and say “YES I CAN!”  Some of the art programs  in the schools seem to thwart creativity on a real level as they skip steps important to understanding the  fundamentals of art.  I believe in teaching children starting from the basics, with great supplies and teaching them to see.  If you can see it, you can create it! And, the most important ingredient of all, keep it FUN!  Art is FUN!

Thank you so much, September, and until we meet again, be blessed!


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By Penelope on May 7th, 2010 at 10:31 pm

Ms. McGee not only seems like an insightful painter but also a strong woman. I look forward to seeing more of her on this site!! I love paintings and the latest vibes of your website, Michele!

By Sasha Geyer on May 8th, 2010 at 2:05 am

I LOVE her work, it’s beautiful and brings me joy! What a great web site for the world to see.

By Elizabeth Olson on May 10th, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Lovely interview, September. You and your art are simply divine! I hope to catch up with you again someday.

September is not only a great artist, she is also my aunt, so I’m not biased at all! 🙂 Congratulations you are truly awesome!

Bravo September! Your passion graces the walls your paintings occupy. You are a part of my home. As a collector of yours, I can truly say, what looks wonderful in your studio or in your galleries, takes on even more beauty in one’s private home. Lovely to read your comments and inspiration on your blog. Oh, not to mention seeing the images of your new paintings…thanks.

Enjoyed reading your article that as fresh and inspiring as your art. Truly amazing on both counts…Your website is a walk through creativity at its best…Thanks for sharing all of it….Cecelia
.-= Cecelia Gay´s last blog ..Yesterday =-.

My wife and I have been collecting September’s artistry for many decades. Her whimsical beach themes of children playing in the sand, or of her recent works in the ‘red hat series’ as well as her symphony series, shows that her diversity and creativity knows no bounds. We are pleased and honored to own originals, as well as AP’s…Many thanks for presenting this about her.


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours