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Father of three, husband, musician, composer, teacher who has played with  great musicians such as Celeste Carballo,Luis Salinas, Nestor Gomez to name a few, also now with the Mario Parmisano Trio, Jorge Adrian Oss found time regardless of his very busy schedule to tell us about himself and share some of his innermost thoughts.

“I was born December 11, 1966. My mother, a classical music pianist, although, I did not have a relationship with music until I was 21 years old, having had finished my Geography Teaching Degree, that I opted for music. Up until then I had worked in schools as a geography teacher.

Life has treated me wonderfully, it has given me things I was not expecting. However, to make a living from music is a gift for which I am grateful for.

The reality of playing my music with my group, to belong to the MarcelaJorge Oss 4 Monrreal Quartet and with friends such as Gustavo Garcia, in addition having the possibilities of giving classes, make me feel even more grateful.

Regarding my ideals of life, I would prefer that there will not be so many differences, plenty of money on one hand and so many deaths on the other, as I can’t  conprehend  why it is that with so much food production, children die of hunger. I would like to contribute to that cause.”

Thank you, Jorge, for participating in this project and for answering my questions.  The original Spanish version of your answers follow this English translation.

No. 1)  What is music to and for you?

1a) Music to me is one of the many artistic expressions that exist, and as such, fulfills a very important role to  reach for people’s feelings, their emotions, thus, giving them somehow a way of identifying them. In the beginning music was born from man’s need to communicate his prayers, beliefs, pains, joys, which are all part of being human, either intricate, simple, complex, etc.. It makes each one choose the form of music for their  own comfort (?). The art of studying it, makes for each note, each figure (shape?), or the complexity of the study itself tries to reflect a particular situation that may be concrete or abstract.  Its goal is always simply to create an impact.

 No. 2)  What inspires you?

2a) I find inspiration in simple, ordinary things, above all, people. The majority of m y compositions are dedicated to someone I am grateful to, as a gesture of admiration, annoyance, tenderness, love, gentleness; other – great – musicians having left a serious imprint, have been strong influence at given times.

Jorge Oss 5 No. 3)  When you are playing, creating, where does it take you?   Where does your mind travel?

3a)  It’s an incredible moment, very difficult to explain because of the way it is experienced; it is a huge pleasure what occurs while playing in a group (ensemble?); my mind completely fuses with the moment, I express  the energy present as I feel it. I cry, I laugh, I get angry, etc.. It is impossible to avoid – body and mind are intrinsically connected – well, of course, for this to happen, there must be a connection between the players.

To the contrary, none of these feelings would rush forth. (Other feeling surface that I better don’t mention, hahaha)

 No. 4)  Do you think music, visual art and health are related and if so, how do you see that?

4a) I absolutely believe that music, visual arts and health are related. I teach music and found that many people turn to music as therapy, for some to is to disconnect from their hectic life; for others, the development of their self-esteem.

The possibility of relating to musicians and sensitive beings, can provide a better quality of life, solve communication and personality problems etc..

 No. 5)  How do you feel when you are playing?

5a) Playing for me is incredibly pleasant; even playing alone I manage to “fill up”, such as if I would be in a concert – I don’t feel the difference. When that feeling leaves me, I seek other type of work.

I am happy my Spanish is understood, it is true there exist certain “regionalisms” with the language…

No. 6)  When do you do your best work? Jorge Oss - Parmisano Trio

6a) I think concentration is essential in any part of music making , whether when composing, making musical arrangements as well as in live presentations.

For myself, I live in a small house with my wife and three children and for the most part, I’ve had to get used to working in the middle  of 3 boys horsing around me that got me accustomed to studying and preparing repertoires in the midst of chaos (flying runners, fighting, football matches,all in a small space and… ha, ha, ha…)

This situation has provoked the ability for a great isolation capacity that also brought me to the point where silence makes me feel uncomfortable. hehehe!

Regarding the conditions, I think that being within a good human environment, brings out the best in one, and it shows.

Regardless, we must be prepared to make music under any circumstances.

No. 7)  Do you identify with your music and if so, on what level? 

7a) I identify with my music in a very sincere way, not to fill some company’s order.  I am influenced by many different styles of music, for instance the 70s rock, funky soul, jazz and of course my country’s folklore. After many years, it is said that my sound is a blending of all these different currents and I feel very comfortable in producing it.

No. 8)  Does creating, playing music help you connect with your higher self, whatever that is for you? 

8a) It is not so much that creating music puts me on a higher level, I would say I do achieve abstraction. Very difficult to explain but, it’s obviously a mystical experience, within which appear the images and sound ideas that make this, such a valid moment.

No. 9)  Many people feel the school systems kill creativity.  How do you see that? 

JORGE OSS9 a) I think studying is a fundamental tool for music. I’m not sure the creative process is intellectual though. In fact, many great popular composers do not have academic backgrounds in music and yet they have immense talent.

Often, studying a sophisticated compositions can contribute much to a creative musician to help improve his composition and not always fall into the same patterns.

What I am sure that the enormous amount of information available now days produces a great number of similar artist and musicians which, did not happen in the past.

The lack of media of media access gave way to the imagination, thus reflected in the great diversity of music created, and such diverse instrumentalists and personalities.

 No. 10)  What would you suggest as a simple solution?

10a) The school systems should include in their schedule a set time for listening to music, for discussing it, sharing experiences, including the emotional side of music; the rest, tools, analysis, material used by artists are very important but it seems these days. The former, currently left far behind…

 No. 11)  What is jazz to you? 

11a) Literary speaking, I do not feel I am a jazz musician. Though I have studied, and played it and, although it brought me enormous recourse from which I frequently draw. In the same manner, I believe that Jazz leads to the question of the so fascinating interaction and distinguished of other musical styles which are more rigid and hold results, that everybody knows, what they will play and it works.

In Jazz, the interaction between the musicians plays a fundamental role. If it is not there, the music does not happen.

This contribution is incredible. Brought to other musical experiences,this magic moment of improvisation and effort that each musician must achieve to be connected and interact, brings about (when it happens) a sensation of risk and inexplicable satisfaction.

ORIGINAL SPANISH VERSION:Jorge Oss - Parmisano Trio 2

Nace el 11 de Diciembre de 1966, de madre pianista, de musica clasica sin embargo mi relacion con la musica empieza a los 21 anos, habiendo terminado casi una carrera de profesor de geografia, la desicion final fue por la musica, aunque trabaje en escuelas como profesor de geografia, la verdad que la vida se ha portado muy bien con migo, y me ha dado mas cosas de las que esperabas, pero el hecho de poder vivir de la musica, es un alago, y soy un agradecido, el  hecho de estar tocando con mi grupo mis temas, y pertenecer al trio de Mario Parmisano, al cuarteto de Marcela Monrreal, y con amigos como gustavo Garcia, mastener la posibilidad de dar clases hacen que no sienta mas que agradecimiento.

Respecto de mi ideal hacia la vida seria que no existan tantas diferencias en el mundo, lleno de dinero por un lado, y mas obreza y muertes por el otro, no puedo entender como  con la gran producion de alimentos aun hoy en el 2010 mueren ninos de hambre desearia poder aportar algo por esta causa.

PREGUNTA 1) La Musica para mi es una expresion artistica de las tantas que existen, y como tal cumple ese rol tan importante de ir en busca de los sentimientos de las personas,sus emociones,de alguna manera la forma de verse identificado.Desde los primeros tiempos la musica  surge de la necesidad del hombre de transmitir, sus plegarias, sus creencias, dolores, alegrias,es por ellos que es parte del ser humano,lo intrincado,simple, complejo,etc, hace que cada ser  elija cual es la forma musical que adopta para su cotedianeidad. El arte de estudiarle no hace otra cosa que cada nota cada, figura o complejidad del propio estudio trate de reflejar una determinada situacion que puede ser, concreta o abstracta.Su objeticvo siempre es provocar un impacto.

 PREGUNTA 2) Mi forma de inspiracion es muy simple,cosas muy comunes sobre todo las personas, la mayoria de mis composiciones son dedicadas a alguna persona, como gesto de agradecimiento, admiracion, agravio,ternura,amor,finura,las influencias de otros musicos tienen mucho que ver en determinado momento, de inspiracion, son los grandes maestros que dejan una impronta muy fuerte en uno.

 PREGUNTA 3) Es un momento increible muy dificil de explicar, sobre todo por la forma en que lo vivencio, des es un placer muy grande lo que me susece a la hora de tocar es un conjunto emociones, y mi mente se evade, se compenetra absolutamente con el momento, las vibraciones que suseden durate el hecho los expreso de la manera que las siento, lloro, me rio, me enojo, etc, es imposible evitarlo, cuerpo mente y alma estan integramente conectaods, claro que para que esto suceda debe existir en el caso de tocar, Jorge Oss 2une interaccion entre los musicos, fundamental de la contrario ninguno de estos sentimientos aflora (aparecen otraos que mas vale no decirlos, jajaja).

 PREGUNTA 4) Creo absolutament que la musican, las artes visuales y la salud estan relacionadas.  Yo tengo una actividad docente con la musica y he podido comprobar, que muchas personas se vuelcan a la musica como terapia de desconeccion de une vida agitada, en otros casos, ayuda la autoestima, la possibilada de relationarse con gente de la musica y seres sencibles ayuda mucho a las personas para una mejor calidad de vida, a resolber problematicas de comunicacion, de personalidad, etc.

 PREGUNTA 5) Para mi el momento de tocar es increiblemente placentero, estando solo logro abstraerme, tal cual a como si estubiera en un concierto, no siento diferencia, cuanda esa sensacion se va, dejo de tocar y realizo otro tipo de tareas. Me alegro que mi espagnol se entienda es cierto aqui existen ciertos regionalismos con la lengua.

 RESPUESTA 6,)  Creo que la concentracion es fundamental para realizar musica en cualquier momento de ella, tanto a la hora de componer arreglar, y asi mismo el mometo del ejecutar en el vivo.  En mi caso tengo una familia compuesta por mi mujer y 3 hijos, la mayor cantidad de nuestro tiempo vivimos en una casa muy pequena, y con poco espacio mas los comportimientos logicos de 3 hijos varones me hizo tener que acostumbrarme a estudiar preparar repertorios en el medio de una caos (zapatillas que volaban, peleas, partidos de futbol en un pequino espacio, y…. jejeje) esta situacion me provoca tener una gran capacidad de aislamiento es mas creo que en el medio del silencio me siento incomodo, jejeje, respecto de las condiciones creo que estar con un buen grupo humano saca lo mejor de ti eso se nota, de todos modos debemos preparanos para hacer musica en cualouier situation afectiba.

RESPUESTA 7) La forma de identificarme con mi musica es muy sincera, no compongo por encargo ni para una compania.  He sido influenciado por muy diversas corrientes musicales rock de los 70, funky soul jazz, y por supuesto el folcklore de mi pais, eso despues de muchos anos, se vio manifestado en un sonido en el cual hoy se podria decir que he logrado un sonido al fusionar esas corrientes y me siento muy comodo al producirlo.

RESPUESTA 8) Crear musica me pone en un nivel no se si elevado tal vez si, pero si es verdad que logro una gran abstraccion, dificil de explicar, pero evidentemente algo de mistico existe, y en ense momento aparecen las ideas de sonidos, imagenes, etc. que ponen lo necesario, para ese momento tan fuerte.

RESPUESTA 9). Yo pienso que estudiar es un herramienta fundamental para el musico, el proceso de creacion no estoy tan seguro, que sea intelectual, de hecho una gran cantidad de compositores, populares no tienen estudio academico y si un enorme talento para crear musica en muchos casos un enorme talento para crear musica, en muchos casos, un estudio enfocadoJorge Oss 3 sofisticado de la composicion creo que le puede aportar muchisimo a un creador, a mejorar su composicion, y o caer siempre en las mismas herramientas lo que si estoy seguro es que la gran cantidad de informacion que existe en la actualidad produce artistas y musicos similares y en otras epocas eso no pasaba, la falta de medios daba mas posibilidades a la imaginacion y eso se notaba en la gran diversidad de musicas, creadas y personalidad de instrumentistas, tan diversos.  (los referentes).

RESPUESTA 10) A los sistema escolares les agregaria una buena carga horaria de escucha musical, que se charle de esas obras que compartan experiencias, desde un lugar, emocional de la musica, el resto : herramientas, analisis, materiales que uso el artistas es muy importante, pero… la otra parte esta muy relegada po restos tiempos…

RESPUESTA 11) No me siento un musico de jazz, literalmenta hablando, si lo he estudiado, tocado y me aporto enormes recursos de los cuales, uso frecuentemente, como asi tambien creo que el jazz produce esa cuestion de la interaccion que creo que es lo mas facinante y a diferencia de otros estilos musicales que son mas rigidos, y tienen un resultato ya que todo el mundo sabe que va a ejecutar y funciona en el jazz la interaccion entre los musicos ejerce un papel fundamental si eso no esta a la musica o suena, y ese aportes es increible, llevado a otras experiencias musicales ese momento magico de la improvisacion y del esfuerzo, que cada musico debe establecer para estar conectado, e interactuando provoc auna sensacion de riesgo y satisfaccion (cuando sale) inesplicabes.

Jorge, thank you for a most interesting article.  Until we work together again, be blessed!


You are invited to visit Jorge’s links to hear more of his great music.  Your comments are sincerely appreciated.  ENJOY!

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Two things particularly struck me….The strength of change direction after having prepared for one career has to be immense. The other is ever getting anything accomplished with three boys running around. Miracle man…I’m convinced of that…the same strength of purpose….Enjoyed your music and your article..Thank you for sharing them with us..Cecelia
.-= Cecelia Gay´s last blog ..Westward Toe! =-.

By Dave Miller on July 27th, 2010 at 9:52 am

I completely agree with no. 10. Not only would setting aside a period to listen to music help students discover multi dimensions of music, it would also help them focus, relax, meditate, connect with themselves as well as others. Good suggestion!

Do not stop your great writing. I will keep coming back to your site for further reading.

Amazing, excellent weblog structure! Just how long have you been blogging and site-building to get? you have made writing a blog peek uncomplicated. The whole seem of one’s web page is excellent, not to mention the information!


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours