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Alee and Guily


Giuly  Modesti studies and graduates in classical piano while Alle  (Alessio) Montecchi plays Rock & Blues guitar.

They meet, they fall in love, they get married, but they don’t ever play together! They love too different music!

Thanks to Giorgio Vignali, a dear friend of theirs, they start listening to jazz music, and since they both like it, they resolve to play it.

 Giuly would like to study jazz piano but the piano teacher’s working hours doesn’t coincide with the guitar’s teacher ones! So for a matter of practicality she opts to give a shot at studying singing.

 Giuly as a singer has arisen by chance!

In the beginning, Alle&Giuly’s duo plays in the style of Tuck&Patti  (amongst other things Alle&Giuly study with Tuck&Patti).

  In brief, that is Alessio and Giuly’s romantic story.  So I shall ask both of you the following questions:

 1)  What is music to you and for you?

 Alle:   Music is a real important part of our life. It’s first of all a passion. I started to play when a was a little child, with all the objects I found in order to try to play drum rhythms and then with a flute! My mother couldn’t stand it but I just can’t imagine my life without it!

Second it’s a language. For me it is possible to show some of my feelings just through the music.

Third it’s work: The best work in the word!

 Giuly:   I started to play piano when I was 8. I usually cry when I play, when I sing and sometimes when I listen to music! Music touches some of my emotions like nothing else!Guily 228x300

 2)  What inspires you?

Alle:   Our entire life.  Especially our relationship with other people.

3)  When you are in the process of creating, playing, where does it take you?  I mean where does your mind travel?

Giuly:   When I sing I need to enter in the mind of the composer, in order to feel the same emotions.  But when I write I look inside my heart and I show my own emotions.

Alle:   Usually I start with a melody, in my mind.  Maybe a group of notes I played in an improvisation session, then I play it again and again until it seems good for me.  Other time I started from a concept for the lyrics and I try to put it in poetry.  In this case the music is built around the feeling I get from the lyrics and the metric of the verses.

But there aren’t any rules.  For example, the song “L’amore” was born in our car while we came home from a George Benson concert in Umbria Jazz in 2008.   We had a great feeling because we met George personally and we started with praises, with the melody, then another, and another.  As we arrived home I took the guitar and we found the chords, then in the hotel room we recorded the first version of the song!   We had a lot of fun that night!

 4)  Do you think music, visual arts and health are related and if so, why and how?

 Giuly:   I think so. I think that your health changes your frame of mind and of course the way your music comes out from you.  Visual arts inspire some emotion and some melodies too, and some music inspires images!

 Alessio 229x300Alle:   I paint too! And I never painted without music!

 5) How do you feel when you are playing for yourself (not performing), or composing or singing?

 Giuly;   Usually I feel the emotions the song has.  There  is not a great difference between the feelings while  performing, because I always enter in the song when I sing.

 Alle:   When I play for myself I usually choose the music I want to play according to how I feel.  After usually I feel better, if I was bad, or tired, if I was happy, but I am always relaxed after I play for myself.

 6) Do you identify with your music?

Both:   Yes!  Totally!

 7) When do you do your best work?

Alle:   At night!

Giuly:   In the morning!

 8)  Does music help you connect with your “higher self”?

 Alle:   I don’t know very well.  I think that the music helps me to envelope some quality like sensibility and empathy, so I think music gives me more introspection.

 Giuly:   If you mean the “higher-self” of New Age my answer is no.  But I agree with Alle that the music helps me to better know myself.

 Thank you so much both of you for taking part in this project and for the effort also of translating from Italian to English for the sake of our readers.  You’ve been most generous.

In the course of time Alle&Giuly teamed up with many artists up to the project that has given life to Jazz Prologo (Believe Digital, Monocroma, La Bambolina publishing)

Here are  links that you can hear their music as well:




What is your favorite piece:

Th is is a terrible question!!! Only one!!!!???? J

Giuly:   Angel Eyes: is sad, melancholic and allow me to sing with a lot of feeling.

Alle:  Lately (George Benson cover) Is a piece I wish I had written and I think that the way George played it is the best a jazz guitarist can play.

TO THE READER :  What part of this interview can you relate to most?

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