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This fantastic artist is young, beautiful, energetic, multi talented, mysterious…  She was born in Argentina and has travelled extensively.  Her art reflects the many places she has been and although the writing incorporated in the paintings is undecipherable, one gets the feeling of finding something ancient, a long lost secret uncovered, echoes of  far away, memories on a cellular level of the realm between shadow and light.

Paula, welcome and thank you so much for participating in this project and sharing with us your thoughts about art and life and being…  enough said, let us get to it right away.

Answers are in English and Spanish.

 No. 1) what is art, painting to and for you?

Art for me is a way of expression, a way of being “myself”, a way to discover,  and a way of  seeing…

When I paint, I travel, I enter a world of answers and new questions, I enter a new frequency where everything is possible, where I find I am growing up  to a level of eternity.  When I paint I feel like I can leave a mark in life.  That I I go through a limit to see what is  there.

 El Arte para mi es una manera de expresar, de ser, de buscar, de encontrar,de atravesar de mirar.  Cuando pinto me transporto…. entro a un mundo de respuestas y de nuevas preguntas, en otra frecuencia donde todo es posible, donde siento crecer a nivel eternidad, y pintando siento que le dejo una MARCA  a la vida…. que atravieso un limite para mirar lo que hay.DSC00382

 No. 2) what inspires you?

 Working on my paintings inspires me, gives me ideas, new questions, curiosity inspires emotions… sensations inspire life and also projects.

 Me insipra el mismo trabajo….. el pintar me genera ideas… nuevas preguntas, curiosidad, me inspiran las emociones…. las sensaciones, me inspira la vida, me inspiran los proyectos

 No. 3) when you are in the process of painting, creating, where does it take you?  Where does your mind (spirit) travel?

 When I paint, I say that I am in TRANCE, jaja… I travel to a different world, a world where everything flows, ideas come and go and nothing stops them, everything is happening, everything is accepted, there is no fear, no insecurities, it’s like a tunnel that takes me to a place that is full of energy, that fills me with energy, it is like going through life to make contact with something more.

 Cuando pinto yo le llamo que entro en TRANCE, jaja….. me tranporta a otro mundo…un mundo donde todo fluye…. las ideas van y vienen y nada las frena…. todo sucede…. todo se acepta…. no hay miedos…. ni inseguridades,es como un tunel que me lleva  y entro en un lugar lleno de energia…que me llena de energia…. es como atravesar la vida para hacer contacto con algo mas.

DSC02829 No. 4)  Do you think painting, music and health are related and if so, how do you see that?

 I believe absolutely that painting and music are related, I enter  in an abstract world where every pincelada… brushstroke I do…… is like a musical note……. and the sensibility is the same for making a painting than for making a song…..a song can be a painting and a painting can be a song. They go inside of us by the feelings…. not by the reason.  I think that music  as well  painting influences  health, if someone can go to a certain frequency of sensibility the color can change, modify our sense of humour, our ideas, and music can do the same.  We are what we think about, and our health is related to our sense of humour, if we are happy or sad or angry…. art has the power of changing emotions and our health.

 Creo absolutamente que la pintura y la musica estan relacionadas…. uno entra en contacto con lo abstracto y una pincelada es como una nota musical…. y la sensibilidad se une en un punto que uno podria con un cuadro componer una cancion y una cancion podria ser un cuadro. Entran por los sentidos…. no por la razon. 

Creo que tanto la pintura como la musica influyen cobra la salud…… si uno puede llegar a cierta frecuencia, a cierta sensibilidad el color altera el animo, las ideas y tambien esto lo produce la musica.  somo lo que pensamos……. y la salud esta relacionada a nuestro animos…. si estamos alegres o tristes o enojados…. el arte tiene el poder de convertir estas emociones y por ende  nuestra salud.

No. 5) When you are painting, creating, how do you feel?

When I am painting I’m happy, I feel whole…. I generate my own energy … my motivation….my inspiration.  

 Cuando pinto soy feliz, me siento plena…. genero ahí mi propia energía…mi motivación….mi inspiración.DSC03219

 No. 6)  When do you do your best work?

 I always feel that I’m doing my best work… each painting I feel I surpasses my previous one and is a way for me without limits for internal and pictorial growth…. I am very demanding in my quest to know more and always attempt to go a step further.

 Siempre siento que hago mi mejor Obra…cada cuadro siento yo que  supera mi cuadro r y es un camino para mi sin limite y de crecimiento interno y pictórico…. soy muy exigente con mi búsqueda de saber mas  y siempre intento avanzar un paso.

 No. 7)  Do you feel painting helps you connect with your higher self, whatever that is for  you?

 Clearly, painting connects me with my intimate “Self”, my BEING…. with my soul….   

 Pintar claro que me conecta con mi yo mas intimo……. con mi SER (mon être)…. con mi alma….

 No. 8)  Many people think the school system kills creativity, how do you feel about that and what could be a simple solution in your opinion?

 Yes…I believe that school, the education system kills creativity in people … creativity, from what I see,  is in people from the time they are born … and as we grow up, they “correct”  our thoughts… and so this ignorance begins a reverse process that causes  people to no longer look  within themselves but  externally for answers…  Creativity begets creativity.  The school system develops the intellect but not with the same intensity as body and soul… and in art there is rhythm, balance between body, mind and soul.

DSC_0438 Si….yo creo que la escuela, la educación mata la creatividad en las personas….. la creatividad para vi nace con las personas….. y a medida que crecemos y nos van corrigiendo ideas…. y también ignorantonas  esto empieza un proceso inverso y hace que las personas  ya no busquen respuestas en si mismo sino externas……… la creatividad trae mas creatividad. La escuela desarrolla la mente pero no en la misma intensidad  el cuerpo y el alma….. y en el arte es un ritmo, un equilibrio  entre cuerpo, mente y alma.

Thank you for such a wonderful article.  I look forward to working with you again in the future and until then Paula, I wish you well!


You are invited to visit Paula’s website to see more of her wonderful art.  Your comments are truly appreciated and also if you wish to be kept informed of new developments, please leave your e-mail address as well.  Thank you so much.  ENJOY!

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Every brushstroke is like a musical note… what a wonderful way of putting it, the image that comes to mind is truly inspiring, thank you!
And your art, the one at question 6 is particularly intriguing, like a ghost ship returning from beyond!

¡Una vez más te deseo lo mejor y te felicito por esta entrevista de arte tan completa donde pudiste transmitir tus más íntimas sensaciones!¡Tus obras belísimas!!

By mechi villagran on March 13th, 2011 at 8:29 am

pau!! fantastic work!! im so proud of you.
while i was reading the interview i rememberd seeing how you work and being there while you paint. listening to your was such an amazing experience! i always remember you words. i wish you the best in everything you do.

Paula, its important and mostly inusual to meet coherence in people. Fortunatly U have this. We can found the subbtle and strong forces that emanets from the soul in your paintings.

In My way of living, I use to talk about multidimentional arts. Im connectd with art, music and cience as ONE. It`s not casual, but clearly there`s a causality: we use the word TONE as color and as a musical note. All is vibration, so u paitn what you fell and hear, and this is color, intensity, energy flowing like music over the canvas…

Dont U?

All the best Paula!


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours