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From Buenos Aires, this talented guitarist studied music with the masters.  He’s been playing guitar since the age of fourteen.  His musical journey takes him through various underground rock and blues groups, to jam sessions with many great musicians, to jazz, to funk, to fusion, to formin his own band with his own distinctive sound, to recording albums, to teaching improvisation, to… enough said.  Mario, welcom and thank you for participating in this project. 

Your thoughts and feelings about music are most interesting so let’s being this Q & A without further delay: 

No. 1)  What is music for and to you?

Music means a lot to me, it’s an indivisible part of my life! It was the way to find myself (in my teens) and to express all my livings (till today), the things I perceive, the people around me…

Composing and playing and listening, it’s very spiritual, personal & emotional for me.

 No. 2)  What inspires you?

My compositions are inspired by all kind of people (mostly the good ones), places, feelings & situations, almost anything can trigger music ideas on me, just need to have my “switch on” :-).

My playing are inspired by all the musicians that keep my attention, no matter what instrument or music style they do, if I perceive something different or unique.Mario Molina #3

 No. 3)  When you are playing, creating, not performing, but for yourself, where does it take you, where does your mind travel?

Interesting!! My mind travels always when I listened music, I can see lots of images recorded in my memory or imaginary places and people, almost like a dream, or when I am trying to get the spirit of a new composition, for example I “receive” a new musical idea (it could be a melody, a rhythm or a chord sequence) and when I listen it or imagine trying to fit into a musical context to build a tune or a song, that’s the precise moment when my mind travels mostly across sounds trying to find the way to get the rest of the music, sometimes an image can help but is not something very common to me; Now, when the connection is made, the music flows and everything else dissapears, brain switch is automatically turned off, is pretty similar when I can improvise an inspired solo there’s no thinking at all, how can I describe it to you… Imagine to drive on a mountain road at high speed, you can’t even blink an eye, if you don’t want to crash!

 No. 4)  Do you think music, visual art and health are related and if so, how?

Music definitely can change your mood, can make you more happy and if you’re happy, your health is being better, only to listen to it, if you can play, there’s more benefits you can receive, and with visual art I think it’s the same, some people has more sensibility to music other to visual art or other kinds of it. Art takes the best of artists and share it to the rest of people.

 5)  When you are playing how do you feel?

Alive! Is something incredible that I learn to appreciate more with the years. Playing is what I love to do and is a blessing for me to have the chance to do it. When I get to isolate the external problems, it’s a magical and pure experience.

Mario Molina #1 6) Do you identify with your music?

My music it’s me, all the different styles I play and compose represents the different aspects of me.

 7)  Under what conditions do you do your best work?

My first pro-recording was with Sergio Denis (an argentinean singer) in my second session I had one hour to record a song, but Pedro Aznar (who was recording before me) took 35’ from my session time, when he finished, the producer ask me if I could record the song in 20’, I said: I need at least 10’ to connect and tune my guitar and effects. OK (he says) “in 10 minutes?”  and I say mmmm… yes. (That’s called Pressure!!!!) I have only one shot… and I did it right. It was many years ago but till today I feel proud of that, hahaha.

What I could think that’s my best work, is my new CD, which is not finished yet, but the conditions are totally different from any record I made before; more relaxed in questions of time to do it, but not in terms of work, because I am the Artist, the producer (executive & artistic), the studio technician (recording to myself and one of the bass players, mixing and mastering all the tunes) I’m working on the art too (right now). These are the best conditions? Definitely not, but I’m learning a lot of new stuff and it’s being an amazing experience! I hope people like it!!!!

 8) Does music and playing music help you connect to your “higher self” whatever that is for you?

Yes but only sometimes, in certain compositions I feel that comes from “music heavens” something like that occurs when I improvise (only a few times!) music flows without effort, is like  if someone else who knows better than me how to do it, dictates me the notes & the rhythms. I read that many artists experiment similar things and it’s called “State of grace”, also scientists, sportsmen, and I think many people more, feels likes this, anytime too.

 9) Do you feel the school system encourages young people to develop their musical talent enough?

No, here in Argentina musicians, not even have a law to protect us. When IMario Molina #2 want to study music in my teens the only choice were “The National Conservatory” (students learn mainly Classical Music) and I want to play Blues & Rock that time, so don’t have the chance to study music in a school, only with private instructors.

The Only experience that I have in Music Schools, was where I worked teaching, resuming… good intentions, but here we are light years of distance from a Serious Music School.


You can hear a sample of Mario’s new cd on My Space.  We welcome your comments, and please, if you want to be kept informed of any changes, please do leave us your e-mail address.  Thanks!

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I totally agree with you answer to question 8. This applies I find in any form of art: dancing, singing, painting, playing music… It really has to be a question of putting aside the analytical mind, judgment, left side of the brain and using more the right side until a balance can be achieved between both hemispheres. Most interesting.


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours