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My hometown is Zadar, Croatia, a beautiful city where I grew up, went to school.  Later, I moved to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, to become an art student . Actually, my whole life is filled with joy of painting. Every new solo exhibition is like a dream come true. Exposing my work to people and waiting for the first thoughts, critics, it’s a big challenge.

In painting, the hardest thing to do is devise what to paint, but the rest is pure joy and happiness. And yes, sometimes it can be frustrating not being able to paint something the way I feel it should be painted. I’m still looking for the right way to express myself in art and to achieve that I have to be dedicated to art as much as I can be. That is my dream. And for the rest I do not worry, I know my time will come soon.

Iris, thank you for participating in this project, which we began a long time ago when your child was just a baby and taking up all of your time!  I want to welcome you and I’m really happy we are finally doing this.  Let’s begin:

No. 1) What is art to and for you?Iris 5 - 7

I have been painting since I figured how to hold a pencil or a brush in my hand. Ever since that splendid moment, my early days as being a child, have been filled with joy of discovering lines, textures, colors.  Controversy about art is such an extensive concept so I’d rather just say that art for me is life.

No. 2)  What inspires you?

Everything I do, reflects on my art. I am constantly searching for that perfect moment, moment of revelation, that something I saw or felt or seized is so wonderful that can become the idea, the concept, the painting! And now as a mother, I see things differently, and that also has a huge impact on my painting.

No. 3)  When you are creating, painting, where does it take you?  Where does your mind travel?

It is strange and weird feeling; at the same time I am able to think and contemplate about million things from everyday life, exploring my imagination while being aware of everything around me. It’s like an SF.

No. 4)  Do you think visual art, music and health are related and if so, how do you see that?

Iris 4 IMG_0624I think they are. I often listen to music while painting, it helps me relax or just feel good. My husband is a musician, so music and visual art take our time as artists, we alternate our experience of art and help each other to find the better art solution. It’s such a wonderful replenishment.

No. 5)   How do you feel when you are painting?

I am giving the best of myself while painting, it’s an exceptional feeling… Creating my own world where I feel secure, good, blessed.

No. 6)Under what conditions do you do your best work ?

I don’t require nothing special, all I need is serenity, stillness.

No. 7)  Do you identify with your subject and if so, on what level?

Yes, I do, I think every artist does. You cannot separate yourself from what you do, every painting of mine is the result of my current emotions and thoughts.

No. 8) Does painting help you connect with your higherReflection-1207834917 self,whatever that is for you?

The artist in me is still not my very best friend, we’re still getting to know each other during the painting. Every new painting is like a new meeting with my other self, and we are still debating and discussing how to make a good painting. The bad paintings are just the result of our misunderstanding.

No. 9)  How do you feel about creativity in the public school system ?

Personaly I don’t have that many bad experiences, but the fact is I always knew I wanted to be a painter, so nothing couldn’t prevent me from becoming one. The ones who knew I was talented pushed me to work harder so I did that, although I never went to art school before becoming a student of painting on the Academy of Fine Arts. I think there is a lack of motivation and creativity in the public school system, so without support from your familiy first, I don’t think you can achieve much.

No. 10) What could be a simple solution to develop creativity more in the public school systems?

This is really complicated question that requires some time to answer it right, at this moment I think that the near future won’t bring any good changes.

Erin-1207834365Iris, thank you again for doing this.  I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and until our paths cross once more, be blessed!


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Enjoyed your art and article. Checked your link and your paintings are awesome. Thanks for sharing your views and art with us. Cecelia
.-= Cecelia Gay´s last blog ..Forever Mine =-.

By Jerome Henderson on November 11th, 2010 at 12:46 am

I like your answer to no. 8, getting to know yourself on different levels. Your paintings are excellent as well. Thanks for sharing.

By Mylène Beauregard on November 14th, 2010 at 10:23 am

The light that emerges from your painting is just fantastic. That is what most hit me in your art and I think this light is your tourment as well as your délivrance…


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours