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Chapter 9:

Is Your Life Optimal Today?



What about right now? Do you think you are living an optimal life?

Is Your Life Optimal Today?

Do you go to bed each night scared about waking up tomorrow? Or do you go to bed, completely relaxed and with a smile on your face, eager to wake up in the morning and face the new day?

This is the biggest indicator of how optimal your life is. Those few minutes between hitting the bed and falling asleep are when we assess our lives. These are the times when we think how far we have come and where we are headed. If these few minutes can put us into careless slumber, our lives are quite well-placed. But if they only make you toss and turn and reach out for the jug of water a zillion times, then there?s something you need to take stock of.

An optimal life is not about how much money you have. It is about how content you are. You might have less, but if it is enough to meet your needs, then you are doing well. It is only dissatisfaction that makes you depressed; whether you are earning more or less doesn?t matter.

So ask yourself these questions:-

“Am I contented with my life today?”

“Am I happy with the way my family treats me?”

“Do I think I have some good friends?”

“Am I insecure about money and the future?”

“Am I happy with my job?”

“Am I satisfied with my sex life?”

If your answer to these questions has been affirmative, your life is very close to being optimal. There might be some areas that you still need to work on. If such areas exist, it is a good idea to start working on them right away so that you take your life in a better direction than it is now.

Most importantly, remember that it is not your life that should control you; it is you who should control your life. When you do that, you will see that you are happier with the way your life has headed.

Chapter 10:

Putting Your Self in Your Life


You are most important to you. It is your life that we are speaking about.


Putting Your Self in Your Life

There will be times in your life when you will begin to give more importance to other people and forget about yourself. This will happen when you first fall in love, have a first child, etc. These people become the center of your attraction. You forget that you are an individual too.

Most problems in life stem from this.

Instead, if you place yourself in the equation too, life becomes much better. When doing something for your loved one, do spare a moment and think how happy that makes you. When you get a gift for him or her, wait awhile and think of the smile on your face too. When you get a great school for your child, think about your own pride too. When you think about yourself, you give emphasis upon yourself as well. You are not just thinking about people around you, but you are thinking about yourself as well.

Why is this important? The most important benefit of thinking about yourself is that you would want to repeat that action. When you remember how happy it made you when you give a present to your spouse, you will want to give it again. When you remember how happy it made you to take your child to the amusement park, you will do that again quite soon.

Because you are giving your loved ones the things that they like, your relationships will keep improving. Your inner thought is to make yourself happy, but you are helping everyone around too.

Relationships dwindle over the ages. Your love for people might also diminish. Children outgrow you and the attachment wears down. Most romantic relationships are good for only a few years. When such things begin happening, we do not bother ourselves with the small things we once did to keep the relationships happy.

But one relationship will never dwindle. And that is your relationship with yourself. You will always want to see yourself happy. And because you remember that giving your loved ones things made you happy, you will do that again. This will help you keep the flame of the relationships burning bright.

However, only you know the secret – you are doing things as much for yourself as you are doing for them.

In any case, it keeps you happier. It makes your life optimal and worth living.



Living an optimal life is entirely in your hands.

You have to shape it in such a way that it gives you what you are looking for. You have to take care of it.

You now know what it takes.

All the best to you!!!


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