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Part 3…

Chapter 5:

3 Practical Essentials for Optimal Living – Food, Fun and Exercise


You need to be happy to have an optimal life. Happiness is brought by material things, however temporal that happiness might be.

3 Practical Essentials for Optimal Living –

Food, Fun and Exercise

Different things drive different people. Those little joys and delights of life are not universal. Someone may be very happy when they are cooking, while others may be happy when they are listening to a poem by Keats. But, there are three things that cut across all borders of space, time and distance and make everyone happy. These are good food, great fun and playful exercise.

If you are here to create an optimal level for your life, you would find it very difficult to do it without incorporating these three essential elements in your life.


Everyone likes food, though individual tastes might be different. In fact, people who say they don?t like food are lying. They do like food; it is only that they haven?t yet found what kind of cuisine drives them. It is because everyone loves food that we treat people with it whenever there is any cause célèbre. And this is true in all societies and countries, all over the world.

However, that doesn?t mean you should hog on food. You should not use it as a means of stress-buster. That could have a very damaging effect. If you use food in a therapeutic manner, it could work for the moment, but soon it will raise its head in the form of obesity and the several other health problems that are related with it.

Have great food – visit those restaurants, whip up great recipes in your own kitchen, make a big deal out of it – but in moderation. You will find that great food becomes an essential part of your optimal life.


Another thing that really raises the happiness levels in people is fun, or you could say, entertainment. You might find perpetual bliss in popping in a DVD and watching it while lying on your couch. Or maybe you like to travel to unknown places. Or probably you just want to curl up and read a paperback. Whatever it is that defines entertainment and recreation for you, use it. Don?t deprive yourself of it just because you have too much work or because you think you don?t deserve to give yourself your bit of fun.

If you keep focus on what you really want to do, such small spells of fun won?t harm you. In fact, they will rejuvenate you and help you work better. Yes, you will meet those deadlines too, provided you don?t go overboard with your entertainment options.


Exercise doesn?t always mean pumping iron. Sport is an exercise too, and for most people, sport is an integral part of life. If your life has become so busy that all those childhood games have become nonexistent in it, bring them out again. Join a club and play your favorite sport. Do this once a week if not more. You will soon find that your life has become much more enriched in quality.

What?s best is that you can meet new people who could become your friends. If your friends currently are just the people from work, it is a very sorry state of affairs. If you have to depend only on someone from the family when you have to catch a great movie, you are in a bad state. You need some friends you could hang out with without reservations – friends like the ones you had when you were in high school. Is it possible? Very much! If you are looking for friends, you must know that they are too. It is just about getting together. Sport can do this for you.

You get your entertainment and you also get great friends. Quite undeniably, this is a wonderful aspect of life – don?t downplay it!

Chapter 6:

Your Sex Life – An Undeniable Aspect for Your Optimal Life


Sex is an essential part of life. Remove sex from life, and life becomes a big void. If you take sex in the right way, it could enrich your life the way nothing else can.

Your Sex Life – An Undeniable Aspect of Your Optimal Life

A lot of people bring their sex life out of the bedroom than one might think. Sex is not as closeted as it is made out to be. Mull over this – a bad sexual episode makes the boss grumpy and he begins biting everyone?s head off at work. Someone doesn?t get laid the previous night despite being extremely horny and they bring their libido to work. On the other hand, someone had a great sexual night and they are in highest spirits today. If that is not bringing sex out of the bedroom, what is it?

All of us, in some or the other measure, bring our sex lives out of our bedrooms. People who know us can easily tell the difference. How many times have our friends asked us, “Hey Joe, you are in high spirits today man! What happened last night?” Even though just casual banter, it means something important. It means that people equate good sex with good living.

If the Almighty hadn?t ordained sex to play such an important part of our life, He would not have made it so important to carry the species forward.

But for us, on an individual level, sex is essential because it is one of the primary needs for life. I am not saying that we have to be libidinous all the time, but we do need to feel secure about it. It is important for us to realize that we have access to fulfill our sexual needs. That is why we have institutionalized marriage. Marriage means a lot of other important things – probably much more important too – but it also means sexual security. At the risk of sounding carnal, it can be said that marriage means not having to go hunting for sexual partners anymore. This is essential in keeping life optimal.

However, the first step to really meaningful sex is love. That is a whole different story in itself. But if you can find someone with whom you can build an emotional equation and not just a physical one, then you will find that your life becomes more fulfilling.

To be continued next week…


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