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For the past few weeks, we have had the privilege of being part of SUE VANDUYNHOVEN’s incredible world of “little people”, her magical puppets.  Sue has shows all over,  but they are not just shows, they bring  a lot of emotional, psychological and even physical comfort, calm fears, gave courage and even help the healing process.  

To end this series of articles, we thought you might enjoy comments from  different people who attended Sue’s performances, from children, to teenagers, to parents, teachers, to elderly people.

We asked three simple questions and here are the answers we received!

From Breanne, who saw my Psychic Show as a Teenager:

 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

1) I enjoyed how Sues shows involved the audience. She had jokes that everyone could understand, and it was obvious that the audience was having a good time!

2) How did it make you feel?

2) Sue’s shows made me very happy, but also made me feel like I was important when she included me in the script.

3) How did it help you most?

3) After the show, I was able to laugh and forget about some of the mistakes I had made as a teenager, because I was able to see that I wasn’t the only one who made mistakes. (This was a private party psychic show for Brea’s family, so Brea was able to find out some fun facts about her relatives!) (laughs)Sue at Niagara Falls 3 (4)

From Gail:

1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

1) I loved all of the shows I have seen Sue perform but probably enjoy “Grandpa” the most. I guess he is closest to my age.

2) How did it make you feel?

2) Her shows always leave you feeling happy and relaxed. Brings the children out in you.

3) How did it help you most?

3) I do know through her shows in the hospitals, nursing homes and schools she gets a real message across to her audience. She is loved by many here in Chatham. 

From Jeanne:

1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

I consider her an artist. Sue has the ability to capture her audience, whether young, old, or mistrusting teenager, into the world of Puppetfolk.

2) How did it make you feel?

Sue is quick witted and can improvise on the spot. Her caring heart shines through all her performances. She is truly an artist with a magical gift.

3) How did it help you most?

Sue comes to do performances with the developmentally disabled teenagers that I teach. One of my favourites is to watch Sue take a class of teenage attitude (puppets are for babies they thought!), turning their disbelif around in a matter of minutes.

From Dianne (who has seen my Psychic show):

Sue's Shows - Sue with Grandpa at PondmillsNo. 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

We have had Sue do a performance for us at a few events. The most memorable time was for our daughter’s 18th birthday. The guests had no idea what to expect when they saw Sue come out with puppets. It was so much fun to just sit back and watch our family and friends as their life stories came alive in the form of Sue’s psychic puppet Scooter. We had sent Sue a list of people who would be at the party and a few fun facts about each of them. Sue seemed to take those small details and turn them into an evening of hilarity, poking fun at the most unexpected places. No one at the party was left unscathed by Scooter and I think the fact that we all knew each others idiosyncrasies made it that much better.

 No. 2) How did it make you feel?

Life has it’s way of getting the best of us at times. We’ve all had times when we get so busy that we tend to forget the most valuable things of all. Family and friends. That particular summer was one of those times when our family and close friends had lost connection with each other, not for a long time, but we had lost connection none the less. Just being together in a social environment, listening to Scooter poke fun at our antics was just what everyone needed to find their way back to the important things in life.

No. 3) How did it help you most?

I think that’s what makes Sue’s shows so wonderful. She can take the simplest of life’s events and turn them into something so hilarious that there is no choice but to laugh. What better way to bring a crowd together, than laughter?

From Frank 81 years young:Sue's Shows - Hospital 21 (1)

No. 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

-I loved the elephant who had to go to the bathroom and get mommies attention.

No. 2) How did it make you feel?

-I felt happy and couldn’t stop laughing through out the show.

No. 3) How did it help you most?

Had me laughing at life.

 From three Senior’s Home staff member’s children, ages 9-11, who were at one of my Senior’s shows:

No. 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

The show was so very funny!!

No. 2) How did it make you feel?

Sue’s show made us feel happy and warm all over!

No. 3) How did it help you most?

It made us so happy!!  Please make sure the next time Sue comes we have a PD day and can come too!

From Amy, Senior’s Home activity coordinator:

Thank you Sue for such a wonderful program. The residents haven’t stopped talking about your show! They look forward to meeting some of your other puppets!

Sue's Shows - Hospital 8From Dennis:

No. 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?

Sue is a very caring, dedicated and hard working person.

Her personality traits are exemplified in her shows.

Sue spends hours to prepare and rehearse to make sure that her performance is of high quality.

I am not sure if the puppets take on the life of Sue or visa versa; Sue is a very talented and gifted person.

 No. 2) How did it make you feel?

When I have been involved in the adult performances she captivates her audience. The interactive commentaries are very entertaining. Weather the audience is inactive or participating there is a lot of fun and laughter for all.

In the children shows I have seen the children become totally mesmerized. They just can’t wait to talk to the puppets and Sue and to determine how they become alive.

 No. 3) How did it help you most?

When Sue does the sick children shows she becomes a Patch Adams protégée.

Sue brings Joy, Love, Hope, and Peace to these suffering individuals.

Her actions are that of God.

We love our Sue and her little people (puppets).

From Roxanne (who was a teenager when she saw this show):

No. 1) What part of the show did you enjoy most?Sue's Shows - Sue with Scooter at Adult Birthday Party Psychic Show

The part I liked the most about Sues show was how she used some of her audience members in her script. It was a really great way to involve the audience and have it be interactive. Sue is a story teller, actress, comedian and singer all wrapped up into one. She is a wonderful entertainer.

No. 2) How did it make you feel?

I felt very special when she inculded me in the show she gave for my best friends 18th birthday party. She has a great ability to single out individuals in a positive humorous way. I felt great to be a part of her show.

No. 3) How did it help you most?

Sue has shown me that making people laugh is one of the most valuable qualities one can posess. She is a woman who I look up to and am glad to have in my life. She is genuine, creative and darn good at what she does!

Sue, from the heart, I want to thank you so much for sharing your life and your magic with us so generously.  You are a wonderful role model for all who have come through very difficult times, who have suffered from abuse, neglect, fear.  You have shown us that one can choose to heal by helping others do the same.

I am grateful our paths have crossed and I look forward to working with you again.  I want to wish you well in all your endeavours and till we meet again, be blessed!


You are cordially invited to visit the archives to read all of Sue’s articles.  Your comments are always appreciated as well, thank you so much.  Enjoy!

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