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Continuing from where we left off last week, Sue had answere part of the question below and now continues her answer:

6)  What do you see in people’s eyes that let’s you know you’ve reached them, they’re tapping in, they’re on the journey with you?

The best way to tell you how I know I’ve reached them, is to give you an example:

 ** At a show for a Ladies Auxiliary church group this last December, I had a meal with them before I performed, & they were all so nice, but I could see scepticism in their eyes… scepticism that I’ve seen many times in people’s eyes BEFORE they see me perform. I could tell that they were pretty sure that a. I was not going to be a true Ventriloquist, b. The puppets weren’t even close to going to come alive, c. they were going to be bored as heck from a wanna be Ventriloquist’s boring second rate comedy (laughs) I wasn’t hurt by their scepticism.. it just makes their joy that much more meaningful later. 

Within seconds of starting the show, I saw complete joyous bewilderment (because the puppet WAS alive, completely), wonder, & delighted laughter. By the end of the show, many had tears in their eyes they were laughing soSue's Shows - Sue with Scooter at Adult Birthday Party Psychic Show hard. The magic of Ventriloquism was connecting them to the Universe with me. And we had a blast together. But I think the most special time came after the show. I had my puppet Petunia sing a few of my favourite Christmas songs… mournful songs, & songs filled with beauty & peace (Luly Lulay, I Wonder as I Wander), and as Petunia’s clear, child’s voice (laughs… yes, don’t worry, I know it was still me doing it) filled the room with the beauty of those songs, I saw wonder & understanding in the ladies’ eyes… the same ‘Oh, NOW I get life… now I understand EVERYTHING’ feeling that I get when I’m performing. Hands went to lips, eyes filled with tears, there was a deep stillness in the audience, in that room, that echoed.. & the connection was strong, STRONG for me with the Universe, so it was SO joyous for me too. It’s one of many, many moments I’ll never forget.

** I love especially performing for teenagers, because the scepticism before I perform is even more profound with them (laughs).. & the joy & wonder & delight is even more special when I perform, because this is A TOUGH CROWD usually to get to feel wonder. But the connection with the universe that I give teenagers is even more needed & appreciated by them. They are just beginning to realize what a hard, sometimes terrible world we live in… they are unsheltered by childhood anymore… so they NEED to be inspired, NEED to feel that intense magic & connection… NEED to feel that there is still magic & wonder in this world. I often get the same feeling with teenagers that I get with sick & injured children, that they are in constant distress & need healing, badly. So I very often go into full healing connection mode with them, even in a performance. The need is there, & my psyche reacts to it often before I’m even aware.

Sue's Shows - Hospital 9** When I’m going in to work with children in the Hospital, I always have a puppet already on my arm, ready to talk, because I often meet the children I’m working with out for walks in the halls. It has created situations that delight me. Very often I’ll be walking down a hallway with Boo Bear, & adults coming towards me will stare & smile at the enormous bear. I’ll wait ‘til they’re close enough & then I have Boo Bear turn to look at them & say ‘HELLO!’ happily… and they jump 3 feet into the air & laugh so much & stop & talk to Boo Bear. It’s hilarious & so much fun. I quite often have whole elevators of adults talking to my puppets, & we startle people when the elevator doors open & we all come out laughing & talking. I love it because it is little mini connections with the universe with people… moments where I’m giving them a little joy & magic in their life. And people have told me, often, how very much this has meant to them. And people will often prod me until I DO get the puppet to talk, if I haven’t done so yet because I’m exhausted after working with a child. It is always a sign to me just how much we adults yearn for true magic in our lives.

It has also touched me deeply, when working with the children, that I’ll see nurses & doctors standing at the door for sometimes 20 minutes at a time, watching & laughing with wonder & delight in their eyes. I know the incredible, often sad work they’re doing with these children, so it’s so nice to be able to give THEM some joy & a Sue's Shows - Sue with Scooter at Corporate Christmas Party Showbreak from their hard work.

to be continued next week…


We invite you to visit Sue’s link below.  Your comments are always appreciated,thank you so much.  Enjoy! 

Do join us next week for the continuation of this amazing story!

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