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Sometimes we just can’t see the bigger picture

When we are in the midst of trials and horrible experiences we often feel “What on earth that is good come from this situation.” It feels like a hopeless case. We wonder why we’ve got the feelings we do, know the people we spend time with, why doors aren’t opening. It’s often only with the benefit of hindsight, when we can look back and see how those times were the very ones that shaped us that we can see it was all worth it in the end.

Often the very things we long for and want are not in the shape we expect. TO get to those things we often have to go on a journey that we don’t expect and experience things we weren’t prepared for.


Rosie wanted to be a writer. She did pretty well in school, and had a flair for words but nothing ever opened up. She too some time away from writing and focused on another career. Though a series of unplanned events she experienced a great deal of heart break and worry that changed her perspective on many things. Once again she began to write, and people commented don her ability to connect with others through her writing. It felt real, and something others could relate to.

Rosie discovered the pain she had experienced actually gave her in some ways the opportunity to be the person she had always dreamed of being.

To make us ready for the big dreams in our heart sometimes we get put into places and situations that build our mind and heart muscles. It might be loss, hardship, pain, death of a loved one. All to build us into the person we need to be to reach our dreams.

Look at it this way. Imagine your dream is to own a mansion by the beach. If you don’t have the character you need to won it, it won’t be a lasting pleasure. You’ll let it run down, or worse, you’ll lose it. But if you are able to let like create the character in you that means you could look after it, well that would be worth it right? Sometimes our hearts need to tear a little, build a little muscle and then get a little stronger to reach our goals.

If you learn the lesson fast, there is no reason for the bad even to repeats itself. While we never stop learning, and never stop experiencing life, as we learn from each one, the less difficult it is to learn from the next lesson. It’s a bit like those muscles- the more you use them, the more second nature it is to keep on building them and using them every day. The heart that is torn then built stronger finds it easier to be grateful, and tends to attract more and more experiences to be easily grateful for.

So What You be Grateful For?

Generating a list of everything we are thankful for can really help on those slightly cloudy 9or downright stormy) days when it’s hard to conjure up a pile of thankfulness.

Like anything, gratitude is a learned behavior. It’s something we find easier the more and more we practice.

If you can’t find some things to be thankful about, work your way through this list and use it to make your own.

Things You Own

You can feel gratitude for …

* Having shelter. I have a home to live in, a bed to sleep in and a place to put my things

* Having something to wear. I have something to keep me warm when the wind blows, and clothes I can wear on hot days. I can be covered and I have more than one outfit to choose from.

* I have shoes for my feet. I can cover them to protect them form sharp objects and to support my feet as I walk.

* Having the means to travel. I can use my car to get to places (or scooter, bike,) I have public transport available. I live in an age where it’s easy to find a way to get somewhere fast if I need it.

* I have a computer to work on, play on and communicate with. Even if I have to borrow the use of one, I can use tools on it to find out information I can use.

Your Liberty

I am thankful for:

* The fact I am alive.

* The chance to drink water from a tap and it’s safe.

* The food I can choose to eat to fuel my body

* Being free, and imprisoned.

* Having the skills needed to read and to write.

* The opportunity to learn something new and life changing.

My Social Networks

I am thankful for:

* Myself. I’m who I am, and I accept myself.

* My loved ones. The special people in my life I’ve chosen to spend my life with, or give birth to.

* The people who gave birth to me and the people who raised me.

* My friends and colleagues.

* My pets, for all their cuddles and our uncomplicated relationships.

My Successes

I am thankful for:

* My innate talents.

* The skills I’ve learnt

* My ability to make friends

* My job, or the way I support myself

* My interests, and the things I enjoy to do recreationally.

* My emotions.

*My choice to love others, and share my life with them.

Significant Moments

I am thankful for:

* Milestones in my life. Learning how to walk, to talk, to run, to laugh

* My special days such as birthdays and anniversaries

* Memories. Times spent with loved ones.

* Holidays and time spent away from work

* Being about to order a take out coffee, or having a meal out.

* Unexpected and pleasant surprises.

Life’s Little Treasures

I am thankful for:

* Being able to feel the sun/wind/rain on my face.

* Going to the beach, or climbing a hill and looking out

* Washing drying on a windy day

* Seeing a stranger smile at you

* Watching snow fall

* Taking my dog for a walk

* Playing on playground equipment

* Laughing

Things I never expected

I am thankful for:

* The things I didn’t get right the first time

* The doors that closed to me when I wanted them open

* The lessons I’ve learnt though my experiences.

Use this list as a starting point and add any specifics you have. It’s a good idea to pop the list on the fridge, or somewhere you can see it to remind yourself to be thankful throughout the day. Soon it will be second nature and you’ll start to attract more good things to be thankful for!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little book on gratitude, it was a pleasure sharing it with you!  Enjoy!

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