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Chapter 5:

Be Still


In our fast-paced, noisy world, quiet is certainly at a premium. By embracing quiet on a steady basis through prayer, meditation, etc., we produce the chance to center ourselves and connect with that little, still voice inside us that represents our deepest wiseness and truth. We all need to lower the noise in our lives and tune into truth and wisdom on a steady basis to maintain our spiritual and emotional balance.


In modern times that values activity, accomplishments and results, it’s possibly surprising that more individuals are addressing meditation. For all the activity of modern society, many still feel a primal need for silence, inner peace, and a moment of contemplation. Meditation can reduce stress and help us loosen up; but, it can also give us a lot more. These are some of the benefits that daily meditation can give us.

Decreased Stress

Meditation helps to bring down stress by teaching us to cut from the worries that can provoke us through the day. Meditation is an chance to spend time by ourselves, without feeling at the beck and call of others. Spending fifteen minutes in quieting the mind and centering on the here and now, makes us more at ease and effective decision makers.

Wellness Benefits

Many studies have shown that meditation has wellness benefits. Many of these benefits are related to the lessening in stress that occurs through meditation. For instance, with fewer levels of stress and anxiety, the chance of cardiopathy falls significantly.

This isn’t to say meditation assures you good health. But, there’s a growing awareness of the link between our frame of mind and physical health. Rather often physical ailments are symptoms of inside turmoil. Meditation can give us serenity, and this can be a helpful step in quashing many stress related ailments. Meditation has – 27 – likewise been shown to relieve the pain affiliated with particular illnesses.

Master Your Own ideas

Man has conquered space, Mt. Everest and many other challenges; but, are we able to subdue our own mind? How often do you discover yourself victim to your own negative views? Some individuals are even of the opinion that it’s impossible to master your thoughts. But, the art of meditation teaches that, not only is it imaginable to master our thoughts, but, we can learn to stop them altogether. Through meditation we can bring our boisterous mind in check. This produces serenity and enables us to achieve what we wish.


When we live in the brain it’s easy to get unbalanced by little irritations. For instance, perhaps we find it intolerable to be kept waiting in a line, or we get disturbed by a small offense of another person. The solution isn’t to avoid these small problems, as they’ll keep appearing regardless how hard we might try.

The only effective answer is to develop disengagement and keep things in perspective. A mighty benefit of meditation is that we’re able to detach ourselves from these trivial, yet annoying thoughts. This disengagement isn’t indifference, it’s merely that we’re able to maintain calm in the midst of life?s inevitable upheaval.

Happiness and Serenity

Is there anyone who doesn’t, somehow, seek happiness? Meditation takes us to the root of happiness, which is to be discovered in our own serenity. If we have no serenity and are perpetually attacked by negative thoughts, happiness will stay elusive, regardless how successful we are on an outer plane. It’s mayhap hard to imagine that happiness can happen from the simple act of being. But, if we can meditate with a still mind, we’ll find an unforeseen source of happiness inside our own self. Meditation shows us that happiness isn’t contingent on outer circumstances, but on our inner posture.


Be it work, sport or music, engrossment is essential to fulfill our potential. In one pointed engrossment there’s major power; our energy and focus don’t get dissipated. When we have engrossment we can do more in less time. Through meditation we gradually improve our powers of engrossment; this focus can be used for both meditation, and likewise other activities we engage in.

Spontaneity and Creative Thinking

When we live in the thinking mind, we’re commonly obsessed with the past or future. When we spend our energy on the past and present we cover up our born spontaneity and creativity. We might feel we have neither creativity nor spontaneity, However, if we can learn to silence the mind, we recognize that we have far more potential than we presently believe. To get at this source of inspiration we just need to calm the mind. Some of the great thinkers and scientists were able to make crucial finds when they could absorb themselves in their work, to the exclusion of all else. Meditation helps us to live in the current minute, and hence can help us to unlock our originative potential.

The benefits of meditation are tangible, but, it likewise requires tenacity. It’s a error to expect all these benefits in the first few tries; the mind takes time to tone down. Also, it’s hard to explain all the benefits of meditation, as it involves a state of consciousness that can’t be expressed by words. To value the benefits of meditation it’s essential to meditate yourself. Alas, it isn’t sufficient to just read about it. Begin meditating today.

to be continued next week… Enjoy!

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