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THE ROOT OF SUCCESS :a look at inner adequacy 

Chapter 3:

Let Go Of Resentment


This is a very hard one for most individuals. But, it is among the most crucial of the 10 precepts. Resentments always wind up hurting us more than those we’re resenting. Somebody once said that resentment is like the venom that’s injected from a snakebite. Nobody dies from the bite; they die from letting the venom propagate in their system too long. Quit poisoning yourself!

 In a roundabout way, we have to begin with ourselves. Why do we make enemies and have resentments? Many reasons; but they all start from within you. I’ve found three major causes, here they are briefly:

1. Pouring salt on an existing wound – by chance or purposefully, it doesn’t matter.

2. They represent a part of yourself you’ve disowned

3. They simply happened to threaten your sense of self, your need for favorable reception or security

But when you’ve gone deep into yourself, when you’ve healed your wounds, recovered your shadow, and cured all your insecurities and wants – who can hurt you? I?m not talking of physical danger, but the bulk of our wounds – the ones to our inner being.

There are a few things that individuals try to do to their foes. Forgiveness – This to most individuals simply means: I?m still correct, you?re still incorrect, you?re still a bastard but I?m a good person so I forgive you. Just don?t do it again. And the other is toleration – which merely means: There?s nothing I can do about it at present, and my moaning is making me more distressed, so I?ll just accept my pains silently.

I’ve fallen under the same trap before. But true forgiveness comes merely when you see that there’s nothing to forgive. And this is a hard pill to swallow. When you see the great design of being, when you really see that what doesn?t kill you only makes you stronger – you may even find gratitude for those who’ve hurt you.

 This is a difficult concept to explain. I’ve been intensively analyzing my own history and it?s starting to strike me how particular things, good or bad, just occurred at the correct time to teach me precisely the lesson I need to learn. And if I didn?t learn from it, then it would hit me over again and again and again – until I awakened and learned from it.

But inside the blemished version of forgiveness, lies peril. If somebody slaps you in the face, or if you come face to face with the man who tortured you as a youngster – you recall what Jesus said, and you try to live up to it. You coerce a smile; you try to forgive, all the while holding in the fear, the angriness, and the grief that’s still there in your chest.

Isn’t this dangerous? Isn’t this another sort of turning tail from your pains? An open wound on your forearm, untended to, starts to rot. It’s the same with the scars on our hearts – resentment and angriness begins to build, to get worse than it was earlier. You may explode and seek revenge; you could go home and take it out on somebody innocent, or it could show up in your body as sickness – we can never hold something down for long. Fill yourself up with Love and it will overflow; fill yourself with hatred and the same happens.


to be continued next week…

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