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Another great little book someone sent me that I’d like to share with you.  And the subject is one that touches us all.  I do hope you enjoy it.  Foreword

“Inner Adequacy” is usually associated with material abundance. But there’s a subtle poverty that’s deeper than the scarcity people feel around net worth (although they’re related). And no “abundance” technique will heal it if it isn’t dealt with first.

We often live with daily emotional and spiritual scarcity. We don’t feel adequate.

We don’t feel good enough. We haven’t got enough done. We aren’t accomplished or significant enough. We don’t feel like we’re adequate.

This scarcity consumes every sector of society. It infects us with doubts and stops us from acting on our dreams and enjoying the dreams we have produced.

It pushes us to accomplish, overwork, and pretty soon we don’t have adequate sleep, adequate downtime, and adequate non-business social contact. It’s a ceaseless nagging feeling of trying to catch up, attempting to earn our place, trying to be good or do good.

Deep down, it’s a spiritual scarcity. So let’s have a look at:

The Root of Success

A Look At Inner Adequacy

Chapter 1:

Keeping An Open Mind


If our mind is shut, we can’t benefit from new ideas and possibilities that exist all around us. By clinging to old and possibly dysfunctional ways of thinking and acting, we don’t leave room in our life for fresh energy and fresh ideas to take root. So the message here is that we need to let go of the old to make space for the new.

 Leave Some Room

Creating space in our minds is a necessity. Particularly when you consider that we can only successfully track five -seven things, in our conscious awareness at one time. When we hang on to more than that the rest of the stuff gets pushed into our unconscious mind and this is how many of our unconscious formulas are born.

If you’re on the path of personal development, you want to consciously control what is added to your unconscious mind and leave room in the conscious mind. To do that you have to be aware of your thoughts and preserve a level of spaciousness within your thinking. Here are some fast and easy ways of doing this that you are able to use throughout your day:

Center on only one thing at a time.

A lot of us run laundry lists of all the things we have to do on a continual loop inside our brains. This takes up a tremendous amount of space and energy to keep up with! Write it down if you believe you may forget and then allow you mind to only center on the step that you are able to do right now. When that passes, move on to the following thing in the same order.

Take a breath.

Pause every quarter-hour to half an hour and execute patterned breathing. The count can be anything you?d like, just make certain it follows a breathe in, pause, breathe out execution. Put your total concentration on what each part of the breath feels like.  Execute the breathing patterns three – five times, and then go on on to the following thing.


Stop and listen to your environment. Take a breath deeply, while closing your eyes and listening with your total attention for about two minutes. Allow no censorship or opinions about what you hear to come into your mind. Merely be with the sensations, texture and subtleties of the sounds. Notice the vibrational quality to them and where in your body you are able to feel reverberations.

Rehearse putting your mind down.

This is one of my preferred little exercises in which I picture giving my mind to something in my immediate surroundings (the airport is a great place for this). For a few of you this may seem like a unusual concept, but trust me. This is dandy fun once you get over the initial unusual feeling and it?s a marvelous way to unload from the burden of around-the-clock thought for awhile.


Be sure to stay tuned next week for Chapter 2! 




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Great thoughts and suggestions. Will give it a try…Only one problem if I put my mind down..will I be able to find it again??? LOL
.-= Cecelia Gay´s last blog ..Forever Mine =-.


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