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I don’t know, but it sure is fun and it’s free!


Seen on a tombstone :

”Here lies the body of  our Anna, done to death by a banana.

It wasn’t the fruit that laide her low, but the skin of the thing that made her go.” – Anna Hopewell.

What is the definition of laughter?  Well, I suppose it’s opening one’s mouth, showing lots of teeth, if you have some, making a series of strange sounds from Ha, Ha, Ha, to Hi, Hi, Hi, to Ho, Ho, Ho and so on, along with eyes tearing, nose running, sore cheeks, stomach cramps, and a kind of weakness of the knees…

Remember when you were a kid in school, you weren’t supposed to laugh in class and something really funny struck you all of a sudden and you were really trying not to burst out laughing but you had to run out of the class and collapsed on the floor in the corridor, holding your stomach and laughing so hard, hardly a sound was heard, you could barely catch your breath…And you couldn’t  stop… and each time you think about it about it,  it’s  just as funny now years later so you laugh yourself silly all over again.

Here’s another one, about stress:

“My second favourite household chore is ironing.  My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.”­_Erma Bombeck.


That feels so great, doesn’t it.  To laugh till tears run down you face and your cheeks and belly hurt and you either start crying or if you’re a smoker, coughing yourself blue in the face.

Well, the good news it, laughter releases tension, stress, lowers blood pressure.  It even strengthens the immune system.  And it certainly defuses an explosive situation.

Developing our sense of humour is a good way to become happier.  When we stop taking ourselves so seriously, learn to laugh at our foibles a little more often, isn’t it true that we tend to become less demanding.    That maybe not being perfect all the time is okay.

Humour also seems to lighten our burdens and inspire hope.

Don’t you find as well that it develops a feeling of complicity between two people in just a glance. You know, you’ve had that type of experience before where you see something hilarious and for an instant your eyes meet those of a perfect stranger sometimes, and for that moment, both of you are on the exact same wavelength because your “perception” fuses.  Doesn’t it make you feel that… you’re not alone, you’re connected.

Laughter makes us feel good doesn’t it. And the good feeling that we get when we laugh remains with us even after we’ve stopped.  Humour helps us keep a positive, optimistic outlook even in the face of difficulties, let downs and even loss.

More than just a break from sadness and pain, laughter gives the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and hope. Even in the most difficult of times, a laugh, even simply a smile can make one feel better. And laughter really is contagious—just hearing laughter makes you start laughing as well.

The ability to laugh, play, and have fun with others not only makes life more enjoyable–it also helps you solve problems, connect with others, and be more creative. People who put humour and play into their daily activities enjoy longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

So as I was saying, not sure if laughter is the best medicine, but it’s really good medicine without a doubt.

“A lot of fellows nowadays have a : B.A., M.D., or Ph.D  Unfortunately, they don’t have a J.O.B. “ – Fats Domino.

In the comment section, why not share with everyone the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

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Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours