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Welcome to the second part of Hayley’s story.   This young teenage girl who has found joy through music and who inspires so many.  This is the story as well of Candy and Rich Franks, who have played a part in this scenario in caring for Hayley and introducing her to music.

We are asking you to share this link on your websites, your Facebook pages, on all your social networks in order that the greatest number of people can read this story and perhaps makes a difference in other Hayley’s out there.  Thank you for your generosity of heart!

And now, here are in Rich Frank’s own words, his as well as his wife’s, the rest of  their  amazing  encounter with Hayley. 


                                                HAYLEY’S WALTZ – PART 2

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It is an amazing story on many levels, and quite an experience for us. After her school bus arrives I wheel her onto our front porch, we relax together for awhile.  She loves our pond with all the fish swimming around, while the dogs sit in fascination. We go inside and freshen up a bit, then I carry Hayley over to her large round pillow, she loves to stretch and be out of her wheelchair, she is so happy to be here. I place her chimes all around her, along with other percussion instruments. Then I put on great music for her to listen to, music that is especially good for adding color with her chimes, finger cymbals etc.  Hayley’s favourite song is “Continuum” written by Jaco Pastorius, Hayley listens in full concentration, then colors the music in all the right places, ever so gently with her tiny hands closed so tightly, she begins to relax. Janet Hayley’s therapist, told me that in the 12 years she has been working with Hayley, she has never seen her reach over her head with her arms, such arm movement Janet tells me in amazement. Hayley plays her chimes always in the right places, it really works for her, she really listens. Who knows what Hayley really hears and see’s, but there is a certain magic that I see in her eyes, and her smile. We have not had Hayley this summer, she is away at summer camp, and visiting with her grandparents. When school starts, we will be sure to be sharing smiles together, her eyes shinning from her soul, listening to music again.
It’s all real simple really, it’s about sharing, giving some time and love, to others in need.

One thing for sure that Hayley taught me…   Hayley taught me not to feel sorrow, but to smile, to laugh and enjoy all our blessing’s. When I look into Hayley’s eyes they smile at me, as if to say, thank you for helping me find mine, in the beautiful music you play for me.
I had a thought, how beautiful it would be for other children like Hayley to enjoy beautiful music in the classroom, while playing along with the chimes. Attached to the wheelchair by a cymbal boom stand, now they can play music…
About Hayley’s Waltz… about 30 years ago I was on a gig with my dear friend Ray Peterson, we were on break and I was hearing this childlike melody in my mind as a waltz, I walked over to the piano started to search for the melody, Ray came over to help me write the tune, actually Ray really wrote it. But as Ray put it, I was the inspiration for it. The beauty of Facebook and re-connecting with old friends, Ray and I hooked up again after all these years. Ray had mentioned that he wanted to record the tune we wrote together, but had no name for it yet. Candy posted a short video of Hayley playing her chimes, remember that was how we met. Ray responded and was so touched by her and the work we were doing for her, that we decided what a better name for our tune than Hayley’s Waltz. Our plan is to record it one day, with Hayley playing the chimes.

Rich, Candy, Ray, Janet, Hayley’s Mom, all you wonderful people who give so much of yourself, I hope this story inspires many more to do the same.  Thank you all, and a special thanks to Hayley who’s role, although difficult, in this lifetime is to bring out the best in people.  God bless you all!

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“Who knows what Hayley really hears and see’s, but there is a certain magic that I see in her eyes, and her smile.” This really caught my attention…What a simple, free way of giving pleasure to those who have none. Enjoyed Hayley’s story. You guys are an inspiration to us all…Thanks Cecelia
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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours