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Again the same question is being asked.  Your active participation would be appreciated.  Depending on your answer, you could be featured in a future health and wellness article.  I have compiled below the answers to this question from some of my artist friends this time.  Again, as you may notice, they all seem to agree that there is a connection between these three elements.   Many are now inclided to explore alternatives to health and wellness.  If you have any doubts, the answers below might just be what you’re looking for.  ENJOY!

–  «4. When you are happy, you are healthy!  Music always sings to our souls — and without music our hearts would not know peace!  A painting is a song that sings to you from across the room.  It calls you ever so gentlybokeh — a small sonata or a huge orchestra — it talks to you.  Music, health and art are all intertwined because without one of them we would not truly feel the magic that is within us.  People who love what they do are using their creativity  — and they are the healthiest and happiest people we know!  Because we are all so visual, there have been years of music videos to sell the albums.  We see art in all walks of life, and how it is depicted and how we feel about it does affect our health. Happiness is what our higher selves are seeking, and we find it in art and music.

 When we meditate and visualize our dreams, or paintings, or something that makes us smile, we are maintaining our health.  And the songs of beautiful music add such delight to meditation.» Diane Leonard.

–  «Certainly yes … the music is a form of art, together with painting, the sculpture, the architecture, etc. … all these are great ways of self-expression, reflection, transferring information into messages. This is a very good question, to me, it is not easy to answer … paintings could cheer up, harmonize the human soul and bring certain vibrations through visual sensation, emotional hit … the music could pleasantly influence the human, relax, cleanse the mind … I would say about flow of energies, but about their different forms resulting into inspiring soul its’ harmonization, and in some cases: treatment of human soul through connection with the Universe.»  Miroslava Sevcik

–  «Well for me it is definitely related as I said before I always listen to music when I paint and I get a lot of my inspiration from it. I often compose my painting as if I was composing a song: its gotta have a chorus, its gotta have rhythm etc. And for me listening to music and painting is healthy because I use them to express myself, my own true colors. If I am mad, if I am happy these emotions will come out in my work, so its therapeutic. Also the meditation state that I get into sometimes for hours ArtClassAtRossvilleAVE17thStreetis very good for my health it helps me forget about problems, worries and often helps me put things in perspective. So art brings balance into my life and if I don’t have it I get completely out of balance and that leads to frustration and sickness. Art is absolutely vital to me.»  Doris Savard.

–  «I definitely feel that they are all related. As I mentioned earlier, I always listen to music while I’m painting, and allow myself to get carried away by the music, so that I am really creating with my sub-conscious mind. I have also noticed that the “style” of my work depends on the music that I listen to while I’m creating it. I have fairly diverse musical tastes, however I tend to listen to a small subset of my favourite music while I paint, since I find some music more conducive to painting than others.

 In terms of the relationship between music/visual art and health, I feel that there is a definite relationship.   I believe that our mental and emotional state has some bearing on our physical health, and both music and visual art can have a huge impact on our emotional well being. I have heard it said that art nourishes the soul, which is a sentiment that I agree with whole heartedly.»  Blake McArthur

–  «Of course, visual arts, music, etc … are the food of the soul, there cannot be a healthy body without a healthy and well fed mind!

Art, since immemorial times, has been a way of conversing with the gods, it is necessary for life is not enough!»  Jean-Yves Lautrédou

–  «I am absolutely certain that visual art, music and health are related. Art and music have the capacity to elevate and enhance our emotions and our emotional state has a direct influence on our physical condition. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body. In fact, I believe that all disease begins in the mind. The clue lies in the word ‘dis-ease’. Colour itself canProfile_Graphic_263 alter our mood and sound has the power to soothe or enflame our emotions. All of which affects our physical and mental health seeing as we are completely integrated organisms – each part of us forming the whole. And that includes our thoughts and feelings.»  Francis  Xavier Scappaticci.

–  «Not only do I think they are related, but, I believe everything is related.

I have to admit that I share some recent physic’s research toward the tissue of life.

So, yes, they are all related, simply because we are living beings, living things, extremely limited to our few senses and perceptions. As physician David Bohm puts it, matter is light, and matter is, simply explained, condensed light!!» Daniel Victor.


Your comments are important to us and your participation is very much appreciated.  Thanks!

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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours