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 Creative teaching to children that the system more or less dismisses after they catalogue them as… challenged… Who exactly is challenged?  Guess?  The education system that’s who!

 For the next few weeks, a series of articles will be presented about creativity in the classroom!  Until then, I wish you a very happy New Year!

 A very good friend of mine, Helene Brault, teaches children who have been classified by the education system as having learning difficulties.  Who falls in this category?  Well, children who have difficulties learning French and maths for starters*.  There are other criteria that will be discussed in the articles.

*Education system in Quebec, Canada.

 These children are evaluated quickly and dismissed from attending regular classes.  My friend Helen is a God sent to these kids.  You see, she remembers how much she hated school and the way it tries to fit everyone in the same mold without ever considering the fact that first of all, there are several ways by which people assimilate information;

photo.jpg Helene-dsome people are visual, some people are auditive if I can use that terminology.

 People have different personalities, different interests, different approaches to learning.  School kills creativity, that is a known fact all over the world.  Perhaps these children that are so quickly classified as … unteachable… are little creators refusing to compromise and slip into a mold!

 This whole series is being  done in French and I will translate as best I can.  I will however publish the artices in the original French language as well as in English.

 I invite you to take note of this series, especially if you have children that are in… special classes.  You will learn a great deal here and just maybe, if enough of you parents get together somehow and start a movement, schools based on individual creativity will be opened for those who dare think outside the box!

 This series will begin next Friday.  It will be posted under Health and Wellness and will be called CREATIVE TEACHING!

 Please share this message with other parents.

Until then….

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