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To Cecelia!

What better way to overcome our fears but to stand firm, face them and walk head on right through them!

Easier said than done but not impossible, on the contrary and my very good friend Cecelia just proved it to herself mainly and I am a witness to the whole journey.

Cecelia and I met on some social networking site and found out we share a lot of common interests.  Our friendship evolved and at some point, Cecelia offered to help me with the technical side of this website in as much as she could because I was totally lost in all this technical mumbo jumbo jargon!  I knew what I wanted as a website, didn’t know how to make it happen.

Cecelia has more knowledge than I in this domain but had never done anything anywhere near something like this before.  I don’t think she realized then what she was getting into.  She’s had to read just about everything she could find on the subject, ask a million questions, answer my million questions, go through trial and error over and over, change, modify, invent, re-invent, figure out a lot of html language, name it, she did it. And I might add in a short span of time plus with me on her back most of the time.

At this point, I must tell you that Cecelia has many health issues and is in constant and severe pain.  Actually, she’s scheduled for major surgery sometimes within the next year. But she’s brave, has a strong will, she’s determined, blows her lid every now and then, has a lot of spunk, grows beautiful roses. Loves animals.   Mostly she has a very generous heart full of love and kindness and the soul of a poet.

Yes, Cecelia also writes poetry and her poems are wonderful.  And she paints and draws as well and she’s darn good at it!

She shares her poems with the world on the sites below which I strongly suggest you visit and join if you like and write poetry yourself:

I just want to say that if anyone is afraid of doing something because they think they can’t, do it anyway like Cecelia did.  Just look at this website, isn’t it beautiful!

Cecelia, my dear friend, from my heart, I am truly grateful.  Now you know what “Journey of a Different Kind” means.   Don’t always know where the Journey takes us, or what this work of art in progress is going to be, but I can say you are a corner stone without a doubt!


Michele Andree.


To all reading this, whenever you come to this site, see wonderful art somewhere, hear great music or simply hear the name Cecelia, send her really good vibes from your heart.  Cecelia’s kind of psychic, she’ll pick it up and it will make her stronger for the surgery!  Who knows, maybe even heal her.

This is one of Cecelia’s wonderful poems, enjoy!

We’ll be Forever Friends

What began in dawning spring, now is winter’s night.
Come walk a ways with me on my journey to the light.
Take my hand; we’ll just walk and talk a while.
We’ll be forever friends, go that extra mile.

Lots to share and lots to tell… that I am for sure.
I’ll tell of hopes and dreams, memories to endure.
I’ve traveled so many paths, with many a hurt and sting.
Seems like minutes ago, but it was early… in the spring.

I don’t know where the time has gone since way back then.
Lots of trouble sorting things out .. the where…. the when.
I remember summer, the warm breeze blowing through my hair,
Laughing memories, “did this”, “did that”, as my life I share.

There were hard times, pain beneath a heavy load. I agree!
Yet there were the times of beauty as far as you could see.
It was in the fall, as leaves turned from green to rust, gold, red,
I took a soulful look at the wandering paths I’d tread.

At times, don’t always know the best way I should go.
I get lost! Lose my way…take paths piled deep in snow.
Winter is the greatest challenge, if truth be told .
My head says spring; my body shivers in the cold.

Now I see a turn ahead, one veering to the right.
I know that’s your way; I must go toward the light.
Perhaps, beyond that unknown space of where and when,
Our paths will cross, then merge, and we’ll be friends again.



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A comment for Cecelia-
I have to say Cecelia what a fantastic job you have done on this site! I was totally blown away by the effort you must have put in here. I think with the great content and the tech framework you have built here- the site will enjoy great success.

On a personal note-
thank you so much for the endless time you are kindly putting in over at our site too-!! We all should be learning from the energy and drive you possess.

My thoughts are with you as you know for any improvements you are able to enjoy with your health- may they be many.

Respect and regards
.-= Tony French´s last blog ..Mike Crisostomo replied to Yelena M.’s discussion ‘Leafs’ =-.

To Cecelia,
I’m so proud of you my friend..You’re an angel.. a gift from above!!!

lots of love

I have never seen such a positive drive before I met you cecelia and now find you are a breath of fresh air here too. I am honoured to have our paths cross every once in a while and am sure everyone here will find the same.

My prayers go with you friend and hope all goes well with the op….for starters, make sure they put you the right way round on the table (hehe).

Yours poetically,

Arthur M F Kelly


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours