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EVGENY DELOV, was born and raised in Eastern Europe, in the town of Plovdiv.  His work is part of private collections all over the world.  Evgeny is a self-taught artist.  He never had any formal art education but rather on his own, attended lectures on famous artists and mostly learned from careful observation of masterpieces.  He’s experimented with different material over the years and his search in art continues.  As he says there is still so much to tell and changes in life around us prove it!

Thank you so much for accepting to be part of this project and sharing your thoughts by answering the following questions:

1) What is art to and for you?

The easiest to tell is: life. But that is not quite precise. Expression, manner, thinking, communication, relationship. I’ve been drawing since I was very young so this is something natural to me.  Days and nights around us, I show through color and shape. Art is like birds’ songs – and they never chirp47.jpg Evgeny sadly. I aspire to show the joy of life.

 2) What inspires you?

Sometimes one makes mistakes (the result is not as the idea) when drawing. The day is light – and we like it. The night is dark  – and we like it. The muse can visit me all the time. Every noise, every color or situation can be an idea.

From ancient times, different nations adore the blaze of the sun or the mysterious moon. But always something is missing, the picture is not complete. The prism divides white light into cold and warm colors. Could anyone say which is day and night? We cannot ignore any of them. And use all of them over and over again.

3) When you are painting, creating, where does it take you?  I mean where does your mind travel?

At these times I do not have a preconceived idea, I let my imagination rule. To me that is the only way I can truly create.

I like listening to music while I’m painting. Different types of music, as long as it is good.

When I paint I do not think. The logic of the feelings, when the ideas are 79.jpg Evgenyexcluded, remains.

When listening to music, we like it, no matter where it comes from and how it is created. When we look at a painting, similarly, all that counts, is that we just like it.

4) Do you think visual art, music and health are related and if so, how?

Medicine uses many methods to treat patients: treatment using colors, music, sound. For example mantras, hypnosis, spa therapy…

 People in the arts express themselves via their souls. Could that possibly be the relation? Some of them cannot read or write but they actually do art: they dance, they sing, they draw and surprise the culture community. They do not know any foreign language, but they speak with feelings. This is a real art. It is not about profit, economy, analysis, climate, fashion … Art is everywhere, all around us. We all have eyes to see it, we all have ears to listen …

 5) When you are painting, creating, how do you feel?

When I’m drawing, I am happy to be alive. It’s like creating something new, unseen, a never ending dream, aspiration to the impossible. At this time, nothing else matters to me. I just make art.

 6) Do you identify with your subjects? On what level? Please elaborate.

The subjects in my paintings are different. They are about the life around us – the past, the future, the present, here and now. I am part of that life and my paintings are a part of myself.

 7) When do you do your best work? (night, day, alone, with others, what environment)

When I am painting, it doesn’t matter which time of day or night it is. I prefer to be at home, alone. Being alone helps a lot. GOD made the universe without assistants, and the result is good.

 8) Does your art help you to connect with your “higher self”?150.jpg Evgeny

Each human looks for his own Alter Ego. Art is a way of knowing that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves, something pure and limitless.

Thank You so much for sharing this with us, Evgeny.  Your art is wonderful and until we meet again, be blessed!


Titles in chronological order: Nevermore – Cold Morning – In Pink

Please make sure you visit Evgeny’s site to enjoy more of his art at:


Where do you look for your Alter Ego?

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Hello Evgeny,

You are right: Art is life, the joy of life. And painting resides under the rule of imagination, and Art is everywhere if you take the time to stop and really look.
I think your work is outstanding. It inspires, it moves the simple observer that I am, it is a breath of fresh air. Ghostly urbania, lost souls in search of appeasement and a profound gentleness, these seem to be the essence of your paintings, to me at least.

I hope to, one day, have the opportunity to see your work in visu and to meet you in person.


Marc Lemieux


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours