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DAVE RIZK started playing guitar at the age of 6 back in 1976. Having studied Music at Vanier college in Montreal, he has been active in the Montreal music scene since 1986. Recording as a studio guitarist for many artists and commercial projects he has also been performing with his own trio RIZKFACTOR since 1988. A speedy and fiery blend of Rock, Jazz and progressive music.

Today Dave Rizk teaches & performs regularly in the Montreal area. With his second album on the way due to be released mid 2010, the buzz is that Mr. Rizk may just be the next big thing in guitar.

Dave, welcome once again and thank you for participating in this project.  And yes, for having witnessed it myself, you do play in a speedy and fiery way and it’s great!   Your article is interesting and to the point.  Let’s begin:

No.1)  What is music to and for you?DR1

To me music represents physical, mathematical manifestation of vibrations. All is vibration. When the formula is right we have harmony and balance, when it is uneven we have dissonance or tension. The same principal underlines our every day lives and relationship with others. Therefore music is the reflection of life itself.

No. 2)  What inspires you?

Inspiration can come in many forms, beauty, joy, love etc…or the opposite anger, pettiness, ego, spite etc. All are valid forms of energy that can be positively transformed into art. Depending on one’s current state we can use our emotions as fuel for creation or destruction.

No. 3)  When you are playing for yourself, not performing, where does it take you?  I mean where does your mind travel?

I do not really know where my mind “goes” if anywhere. But when I play for my self I feel at peace and like to enjoy the sounds created, they sooth me and act as a tonic for the soul. I feel no difference playing for others or for myself, when things are going well I am able to enter into an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation and detach my self from “reality” and observe and listen from a distance.

N. 4)  Do you think music, visual arts and health are related and if so how?

Definitely. The constant mental effort needed to create fresh and new music keeps our minds and spirit sharp. Therefore, by creating NEW music or art we do not fall into a state of mental atrophy. It is in my opinion that state of mind regulates state of health. If one only repeats the same old art over and over again then this simple principal ceases to work. 

m_2ad4e67b05e709b019f6136d1e89abc1No. 5) How do you feel when you are playing?

Usually pretty good. Like in a sort of meditation, aware of my environment and in control but detached and relaxed.

No. 6)  Do you identify with your music and if so on what level?

Sometimes, it depends on what I am playing but I think it is healthy to not identify one’s self too much with one’s art or anything else, we are whole and complete with or without our artistic endeavours manifested.

No. 7)  When do you do your best work?

In the morning or late at night.                                                                       

No. 8)  Does music help you connect with your “higher self” whatever that may be for you?

Yes, I can manifest the “higher self” by being in tune, in time and letting the chi flow as it may.

No. 9)  How do you feel about jazz?

Now that’s a big question. I love Jazz, but real Jazz which to me, is hard to come by these days. Freedom within form, a deep sense of swing and individual emotional expression is a great thing. I am not a Jazz purist by any stretch of the imagination but when playing what is called Jazz it is necessary to obey the rules of form or else we are not actually playing Jazz, which is fine but label it properly so we know where your going and what to expect.

No. 10 )  How do you feel about improvisation?

I feel Improvisation is the highest form of self expression. Be it within the borders of chord structures or not. The ability to create flawless lines, imply harmony, exclamation points, answering others in the group or one`s self. To me, a great improviser shows a very high level of musical understanding both rhythmic and harmonic but most importantly there is nowhere to hide, you either reach the heights of the human experience or you do not.

No. 11)  How do you feel about creativity in the public schoolPicture of david 019 system not only in the development of it in students but also the use of creativity in problem solving?

11- Essential. Without the creative proses and the critical thinking that accompanies it there is an important element missing. But, a standardized system is needed to create a base, a foundation of basic knowledge from which   to start from. Both elements are important.

No. 12)  In your opinion, what would be a simple solution to improve creativity and its use in the public school system?

12- Art & music classes are the best way to open young minds up to the  possibilities available to them. The only way to increase creativity is to do it repeatedly and receive feedback from others. This goes a long way in the problem solving domain.

No. 13)  Do you think an establishment that provides lives music should have a section for those who actually want to listen and those who rather talk?

13- Interesting question, like many, I have been at shows/concerts where there are a few folks talking loudly without consideration for others or the music. But I think the establishment it self sets the tone for this situation. If you are in a place where everyone is having a good time and music / musicians are a secondary entertainment, it`s not fair to ask the people to be quiet on this tune or that solo. The musicians are party entertainers in this case and have to deal with the scene as it is. But if a club or venue is designed to accommodate high caliber, world class artists, then there is an unspoken rule that says `sit down and listen…. or leave`. It`s hard to tell people to not talk in a bar or club but the every situation is different. So in the end the venue sets the tone, the artists have to play the right venue. Now to answer your question directly, having separate sections is not a bad idea at all.

1445169673_mDave, thanks a million for answering these questions.  I know you’re a very busy man, so I sincerely appreciate this!  Your first cd is called “ONE TIME” and your second cd is due for release mid 2010.  Good luck in all your endeavours Dave!


You are cordially invited to visit Dave’s link below.  Your comments are always appreciated, thank you.  Please note that Dave has a new cd about to be released in a couple of weeks, look for it, album title is: UP HEY-O!


Be sure and listen to Dave’s music on My Space, link below. 



CD is called UP HEY-O! Will be out in a few weeks on CD Baby, here’s a track, enjoy!


(first photo from Watch Mojo.com)

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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours