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ARTURS AKOPJANS was born in Armenia but was forced to leave his homeland for personal reasons and  to study.  He’s been living in Latvia and loves this country of which he is a citizen.  But much as he loves Latvia, he still loves and misses Armenia, having lived there with family and friends for nineteen years.

“I became interested in drawing around the age of 6 years old. On that day I wanted to play in the street, but it was raining and I was not allowed into the yard. I wept and then I saw a book with pictures of  horses and started to redraw the horse. I liked the picture and so I was interested in painting.  What I want in life? I want my work brings joy to people.”  Arturs’ mother also strongly encouraged him in that direction ever since he was a child.

Thank you very much, Arturs, for participating in this project and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us by answering the following questions.

N0.1)What is art to and for you (generally and personally)

Our life, this is art.  A person comes into this world to sing and leave.  Whats640x480-1 we do, is our song, our life is our song. And does it becomes a classic? Do go down in history? Depends on the way we live, on how we sing our song.

No. 2) What inspires you?

All can inspire me, a rag on the floor, a beautiful girl, old lamppost, anything. It is important to catch the mood, to  tune to this frequency as a radio.  When a radio catches a wave, the sound is clear, without noise.  So catching the right wave is an inspiration.

No. 3)   When you are painting, creating, where does it take you? Where does your mind (spirit) travel?

While searching for the right wavelength, consciousness and spirit are separate.  When you finally tune to the desired frequency your  spirit and consciousness merge and the sound is beautiful.

No 4)  Do you think visual art, music and health are related and if so, how?

Speles_mWhen you are healthy there is harmony, you are in agreement with each other and with the outside world.

When you are nervous or you’re in a bad mood,  it is like the noise from an out of tune radio. When you’re tuned in and have found the right frequency or wavelength you find  harmony, joy and beauty flow through you.

No. 5)  How do you feel when you paint?

If you are able to tune into the right wavelength,  a feeling of  joy fills  you, of ecstasy and admiration.

No. 6)  When do you do your best work?

I love to work early in the morning listening to the silence.

No. 7)  Do you identify with your subject and if so, on what level?

I’m especially trying to figure out what sound I hear inside and trying to tune into this sound.  I’m not looking for a particular topic.  I usually start playing with colors and at some point I feel what I want to do.  The theme comes as I work and the deeper I penetrate the topic, the more expressive it becomes.  The important thing is to catch the internal sounds and convey it onto the canvas as expressively as possible.

No. 8)  Does painting help you connect with your higher self, whatever that is for you?

When you paint, you leave this world for a different reality.  The mind stopss640x480 working and you connect with your higher self who in turn connects you with other realities.  You take the images that exist there and try as much as possible to reveal their feeling.

No 9)  How do you feel about creativity in the public school systems?

I am opposed to any system. One must create freely, without any system. The only and most important system – is to listen to the voice of your heart, listen to its feelings.

No. 10)  In your opinion, what could be a simple solution to improve creativity in the public school systems?

Teach students to observe and explore their deeper feelings.

Give them complete creative freedom, without a framework of laws and dogmas. Any system puts the person inside a frame.  Art should be freed from all laws and students should give free rein to feelings.   Art should be free and not part of any system.

Thank you again, Arturs, for participating in this project.  It has been a pleasure and until our paths cross again, keep well, be blessed! 


To find out more about Arturs and see other works, please do not hesitate to visit the links below!  ENJOY!

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I’ve been posting your work on my face book timeline. Mr.Akopjans, and it has received an ecstatic reception.
I have now tried – unsuccessfully, three times, to post the video of you in action.
I wonder what I am doing wrong. Has anyone else had this problem, I wonder…


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My name is Michele Andree. I am an artist, I paint musicians in action. I think I’m a musician at heart, my instrument being… a brush, so I play…brush and I paint… music.
I love jazz. I call it freedom music. It promotes special values. I love intelligent people and good conversations.

Some people ask me how music relates to art. Personally I find they go hand in hand. Music is what turns me on to painting. It makes me see colours